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€150m Google data centre to bring 400 jobs to west Dublin

By Business & Finance
21 August 2015
Google office

The first phase of the construction of the new data centre at Profile Park in west Dublin is expected to be completed later this year.

The new two-storey data centre is being built alongside Google’s existing data centre, which opened in 2012.

In addition, Google has completed the purchase of 31 acres adjacent to its facilities in Profile Park which will give the company flexibility should it have additional data centre requirements in the future.

By using an advanced air-cooling system to keep computers running smoothly, the new data centre will enable Google to reduce its energy requirements and help maintain its global status as a carbon-neutral company.

“The data centre that we built in Dublin in 2012 has worked really well for us and created around 30 full-time jobs. We have now started construction on our second data centre and we have been working with the local community as the building gets underway,” said Ronan Harris, head of Google Ireland.

“Every day, millions of people around the world search on Google for information, products and services. In addition, millions of people worldwide use other Google services and applications, such as Gmail, Google Maps and YouTube. Google’s data centres around the world help power these services, and ensure that Google searches remain fast and that our services are always secure and available.”