€50,000 Irish financial innovation competition launched

Finance | Tue 22 Mar | Author – Business & Finance
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MetLife Foundation and Verb, in collaboration with MetLife Ireland, have announced the launch of the Inclusion Plus competition in Ireland, which will see finalist social ventures compete for €50,000 in grant funding.

The competition is open to all entrepreneurs, not-for-profits and existing companies that help advance the financial wellbeing of Irish people who aren’t currently able to optimise what the financial system has to offer.

MetLife Foundation has launched the competition to primarily enable low to moderate income people access to financial products, services and programmes that will encourage financial wellbeing and knowledge.

The competition is part of a broader partnership between MetLife Foundation and Verb that will run across at least 10 countries in multiple languages over the next three years, helping to advance financial inclusion for large numbers of the estimated 2 billion people globally who do not currently have any access, and the billions more who cannot maximise the offerings available.

Dirk Ostijn, CEO, MetLife Europe, said: “Our employees are excited to extend their knowledge and support to these innovators as mentors and judges, and no doubt as learners and supporters. Inclusion Plus provides an unprecedented opportunity to discover and develop ideas that can contribute to improving the financial situation of those that need it most within our community.”

Suzi Sosa, CEO, Verb, commented: “Financial wellbeing is a complex problem that cannot be solved by any single solution. Our competition platform enables us to engage entrepreneurs, investors, corporate partners, mentors and thousands of people from the general public. By strengthening connections among these groups, we don’t just find one great idea, we actually strengthen the innovation ecosystem.”