Eircodes are on the way to all addresses in Ireland

By Business & Finance
13 July 2015
EirCode launch
Minister for Communications Alex White TD at the launch of Eircode

Over the next two weeks, every residential and business address in Ireland will receive a letter in the post informing them of the new Eircode for that address.

Members of the public are being encouraged to look out for the letter in the coming weeks and, when it arrives, memorise the Eircode and keep it somewhere handy.

Minister for Communications Alex White TD launched Eircode at an event in Dublin today, where a unique new online tool, the Eircode Finder, was also unveiled.

This handy online search tool allows members of the public to use their PCs, tablets or smart phones to look up an address to find its unique Eircode. The Eircode Finder also contains a useful map that helps identify addresses quickly and easily.

Launching Eircode at the Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin, today, Minister for Communications Alex White TD said: “Ireland now has a postcode system, which will make all our lives a little bit easier and a little bit better. It will be easier to deliver mail and parcels to the correct recipients and it will be easier to shop online. Businesses that deliver parcels, or other goods and services, will have an affordable and effective new tool, which accurately identifies addresses and enables improved efficiency.”

Liam Duggan, director of Eircode added: “We are proud to launch Eircode in Ireland today. It has been designed as a solution to Ireland’s address structure which, until now, has provided challenges not experienced in other countries. Eircode will make life easier for Irish people and bring many benefits to both businesses and members of the public.”

Key government and utility databases have already been updated to include Eircodes. Businesses across the country have also been provided with information to allow them to prepare their systems for the introduction of Eircode.

Medical emergency services have already shown their support of Eircode and welcome the implementation. According to director of the National Ambulance Service, Martin Dunne: “The National Ambulance Service is looking forward to the implementation of Eircode in Ireland as it will assist in the rapid identification of non-unique addresses. A considerable number of ambulance calls are to various types of premises and the Eircode system will allow fast and accurate location of these incidents. The new national computer aided dispatch system, which is expected to commence operations with the National Ambulance Service in September 2015, will be Eircode enabled.”