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Empowering Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs: The #GameOn Innovation Bootcamp 2023

By Business & Finance
12 October 2023

Concerning business and innovation, fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs is pivotal. Recognising this, the Graduate Business School (GBS) at Griffith College has undertaken the creation of a new research and innovation hub, called GBS Hub.


The GBS Hub is engaged in European Commission Research Projects, including Smart4Future EIT Climate KIC and AI4VETAI. The Hub has taken a proactive step by organizing the #GameOn Innovation Bootcamp 2023. This dynamic initiative, a part of the Smart4Future project, is set to take place on the 3rd and 10th of October 2023. Under the expert guidance of the GBS Research Hub, this endeavour is an integral facet of the college’s strategic vision, aimed at growing research and innovation, empowering students and fuelling innovative start-ups.

Fuelling Dreams with €15,000 in Funding 

The driving force behind this initiative is clear: to provide much-needed support to student-led business ideas and eligible companies within Griffith College. The commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship is reflected in the €15,000 in funding made available through EU support. This substantial prize fund is divided into three categories: €7,000 for the winning entry, €5,000 for second place, and €3,000 for the third-place finisher. Beyond the immediate monetary rewards, the visionary goal is to lay the groundwork for the GBS Hub Incubator and accelerator programmes to champion student dreams. 

Unveiling the Blueprint

At the heart of the #GameOn Innovation Bootcamp is the goal of turning student business ideas into reality. Participants will be tasked with presenting their business ideas, complete with one to two-year projections and a comprehensive SWOT analysis. Finalists will present a 10-minute business pitch on the 10th of October to our panel of judges and be questioned by these experts across industry and education. Being a founder can be intense, depending on how quickly you want your business to grow. If you win a prize in the competition, your company will be supported through GBS Research & Innovation Hub. The GBS Hub team is currently comprised of experienced researchers from academic and industry backgrounds. Several of its members have ran a company and understand the challenges facing students but also the great rewards that can be on offer. The GBS Hub Team are delighted to welcome a high calibre of judges to this year’s event, including Enterprise Ireland. The experience will be memorable for our student entrepreneurs who will have the chance to present their ideas in front enterprise Ireland and other judges that have significant industry and education experience.

The Road to Success

From the pool of submissions, a shortlist of entries has been carefully curated. For the top six successful entries, this marks the beginning of an exciting journey within the bootcamp. Throughout the program, participants will benefit from invaluable mentoring, guidance, and support provided by a handpicked team of experts, keynote speakers, and the dedicated GBS Research and Innovation Hub staff.

The pinnacle of the bootcamp experience culminates in the final event on the 10th of October 2023. Here, the top three ideas will take centre stage, presenting their ideas in a 10-minute pitch followed by a rigorous Q&A session. The judges will use a performance sheet which will be fully transparent to finalists and shared in a preparation workshop ran by our research coordinator and a serial entrepreneur and Enterprise Ireland High Performance Start up winner. Bootcamp winners will be announced through an extensive PR campaign, heralding their accomplishments to a wider audience.

Sustaining Success Beyond 2023

The story doesn’t end with the winners’ announcements. Those emerging triumphant will find themselves embraced by the GBS Research and Innovation Hub well into 2024. This ongoing support ensures that these budding entrepreneurs have the resources and guidance needed to transform their ideas into thriving businesses.

FAQ: Navigating the #GameOn Innovation Bootcamp

As this exciting initiative unfolds, prospective participants might have questions. Here are some common queries and answers:

Q1: What kind of business idea do I need to have?

We’re interested in businesses that have both innovation and sustainability at their core.

Q2: Do I need to have a company already?

No, we encourage you to set up a company through our support.

Q3: How many people can be in a team? Are teams allowed?

We encourage teams; startups can have several founders. It will need to be clear in your application who is involved in the business.

Q4: Do I need to have a business to attend the event?

The bootcamp is an open public event. We highly encourage students and faculty to join us in person and to indicate their attendance through the RSVP form.

Q5: I don’t understand the event; why should I attend?

This bootcamp is a major event in the student calendar. GBS Hub will showcase applicants’ business ideas. Finalists and attending the public will have the opportunity to connect with industry experts, hear talks from notable speakers, and meet our judges. It’s a fantastic way for current students to explore future opportunities and kickstart their careers.

In the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, initiatives like the #GameOn Innovation Bootcamp 2023 serve as beacons of inspiration and support for the next generation of business leaders. The commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability in budding enterprises is not only a testament to Griffith College’s dedication, but also a promising outlook for the future of entrepreneurship in Europe and beyond. We eagerly anticipate the remarkable ideas and achievements that will undoubtedly emerge from this ground-breaking initiative.

The team has been hard at work since April creating this event and we hope attendees will remember it for years to come.