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Energy management for business leaders: The Webinar

By Business & Finance
13 July 2023

Find out how to unlock revenue and reduce costs for your company with Enel X Global Retail. Sign up for the webinar now and find out how to turn energy from a mere operating cost into an opportunity.

Changing approach to energy consumption is essential to making any business more competitive and sustainable. Too often, energy is seen as merely an essential cost of doing business, only entailing shopping around for the supplier with the best offer. Nothing could be more wrong.

Energy should not be seen as just an expense. Affordability of supply affects the ultimate competitiveness of products and prices and should obviously be considered. But at the same time, energy is a key component in business continuity and security of supply should be protected from any disruption. Plus, now more than ever, having a sustainable energy supply is a key aspect from an environmental point of view, both internally – board of directors, shareholders, employees – and outside of the company, with the impact of these actions on the market and customers’ perception of the company. 

Here’s where energy can become an opportunity: you can unlock cost savings, generate new sources of revenue, and reduce your CO2 emissions.

Join the Enel X Global Retail Team on Thursday, July 20 at 12:00 BST for the webinar “Energy management for business leaders – How to unlock revenue and reduce costs for your company”. It will be an opportunity to find out how your company can revolutionize its approach to energy by participating in energy flexibility programs.

Listen to and interact with other business leaders to find out about how their initial concerns were addressed and resolved, making participation an integral part of the energy management and decarbonization strategies for their businesses. The Enel X Team will be on hand to answer any questions.

The webinar is geared toward the needs of business leaders that are not necessarily energy experts.
Over the course of the 1-hour webinar, the following topics will be covered: 

  • ‌How energy flexibility programs work
  • Who can participate and how to apply
  • How much you can earn by adjusting energy consumption or production.