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Expansion of Hydrogen Storage initiative for Belfast city

By Business & Finance
14 June 2021
Tony O'Reilly Jr
Pictured: Tony O’Reilly, Chief Executive Officer of dCarbonX

dCarbonX Ltd has announced plans for the development of large and secure underground hydrogen storage in Belfast, Northern Ireland with a target to reduce carbon intensive natural gas usage.

The hydrogen storage solution is being developed by dCarbonX for its partner B9 Energy.  Both companies are members of the ‘Belfast Power-to-X’ Collaborative Network, which is focused on the decarbonisation of the Belfast city region. BP2X is supported by Invest Northern Ireland through its Collaborative Growth Programme.

Hydrogen is a clean fuel as well as being ideal for underground storage.

To deliver on this goal, dCarbonX is developing a pioneering & safe subsurface hydrogen storage solution using liquid hydrogen.  This scalable technology could also potentially be rolled out globally at storage sites such as processing hubs & refuelling stations.

Hydrogen storage is the essential element to fully exploit the energy potential of intermittent renewables such as wind & solar.  Hydrogen is a zero-carbon fuel and storing hydrogen means that energy providers can guarantee consumers a reliable source of energy when the wind is not blowing and the sun is not shining.

Tony O’Reilly, Chief Executive Officer of dCarbonX, stated: “Safe subsurface energy storage is a key enabler for the balanced growth of intermittent renewable energy production from wind and solar. Hydrogen is a clean fuel as well as being ideal for underground storage. Drawing on our subsurface knowledge & strategic partnerships, dCarbonX has developed an innovative solution for the safe and secure underground storage of liquid hydrogen for Northern Ireland.”