FDI sector job growth continues

Business, Economy, Employment | Thu 14 Jan | Author – Business & Finance
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Job postings within employment categories representing the key FDI sectors continue to rise, according to a new report by Cpl.

The average level of the Cpl Employment Market Monitor Report for this period stood at 198, similar to the previous two quarters and almost twice the number of jobs posted on average in 2011.

The science, engineering and supply chain segment remains between three and four times its 2011 level.

Accountancy, finance and banking had nearly one quarter more listings in late 2015 than a year previously, and science, engineering and supply chain grew by 11% on the year before.

IT also grew by 9% and sales, marketing and retail had the smallest annual growth at 6%.

The report also suggests that jobseekers are growing more confident about their bargaining power over recent times.

“The employment market continues to be buoyant and as a result there is some evidence of jobseekers feeling a little more confident about their bargaining power, particularly in the science, engineering and supply chain sectors and also in the accountancy, finance and banking segments,” said Peter Cosgrove, director, Cpl Resources.

“Overall though, employers still see it as a jobseekers market and jobseekers still see the reverse, so a huge gap persists in how both groups view the jobs market, with confidence centred around jobseekers in a few in-demand sectors and professions,” he added.