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Four weeks to go until Dublin Tech Summit 2023

By Business & Finance
05 May 2023

Dublin Tech Summit (DTS) is fast-approaching with less than four weeks left before the tech festival begins. DTS 2023 will take place on May 31st and June 1st.

The 7th year of the tech conference comes at a crucial time for the sector. The recent industry contraction and excitment balanced with fear regarding the rapid development of AI will be up for discussion at an exciting time for tech.

Dublin Tech Summit 2023 is set to the be the biggest iteration of the event to date with 8,000 attendees set to converge on the pop up conference. DTS is supported by 80 industry partners and will showcase 150 start-ups throughout the event.

In addition, the DTS by Night programme will see venues around Dublin and beyond host informal networking events to give attendess the chance to network, connect with old friends and share their enthusiasm for tech.

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Dublin Tech Summit 2022


DTS 2023 will feature an inspiring set of tech movers and shakers that will explore these topics along with heathcare, fintech, sustainability and ecommerce.

Speakers for this year’s event include:

  • Dame Vivian Hunt, Chief Innovation Officer, Optum
  • Adam Cheyer, Co-founder, Siri; Co-founder, Viv Labs; Co-founder, Sentient; Founding member, Change.org
  • José Luis Cordeiro, Director, The Millenium Project
  • Dorothy Creaven, VP, Managing Director and Site Lead, Rent the Runway
  • Cecilia Mosze Tham, Co-founder  and CEO, Futurity Systems
  • Ken Moore, Chief Innovation Officer, Mastercard
  • Jeff Bianco, President and Founder, Dev.Pro
  • Patricia Scanlon, Ireland’s First AI Ambassador & Founder and Executive Chair, Soapbox Labs
  • David Hassoun, Chief Technologist of Cloud Solutions, Dolby
  • David Singleton, Chief Technology Officer, Stripe
  • Marie McGinley, International Head of Technology, Eversheds Sutherland Ireland
  • Anna Brailsford, CEO, Girls First Code
  • Ambika Kapur, VP of Networking and Advanced Security, VMware
  • Rob Brown, Founder and CEO, KERB
  • Fergal Reid, Director of Machine Learning, Intercom
  • Martin Curley, Digital Health Leader and Professor of Innovation, Maynooth University

Zaria Parvez, Global Social Media Manager, DuoLingo speaking at Dublin Tech Summit 2022

In a recent feautre for Business & Finance, Tracey Carney, Managing Director, Dublin Tech Summit wrote:

“In a very short space of time, the ongoing tech downturn is seeing mass layoffs worldwide, while the rapid growth of AI, the shift toward sustainability and banking turbulence are creating fresh challenges for many sectors. What has led to this very recent tech downturn and are new approaches required to steer economic growth back in a positive direction?”

“New approaches to this, and many other issues, will be discussed, debated and explored with all viewpoints represented at DTS23. You will get to hear opinions for and against cutting edge AI technology, the pros and cons of extended reality and many more thought-provoking ideas.”


The tech sector is ever-evoloving and morphing in ways that tech afficionados and experts can struggle to predict. It is difficult to get a handle on an industry that changes rapidly but at Dublin Tech Summit, you can hear about these changes from the professionals shaping the industry.

Dublin Tech Summit 2022

Hundreds of speakers across the two-day festival will guide attendees through where the tech sector is at and where it is heading from ground-breaking innovations, external pressures and changing cultures that all culminate to make the tech sector the diverse beast it is.

The themes up for discussion at this year’s event include:

  • Digital & Business Transformation
  • Enterprise software Solutions
  • Big Data, Analytics & Datafication
  • Diversity, Equality & Inclusion
  • Sustainability
  • Tech for Good
  • Future Workforce
  • AI & Machine Learning

  • Security, Privacy & Trust
  • 5G, Connectivity & IoT
  • Metaverse & Extended Reality
  • Blockchain & Web3
  • DeepTech & Future Innovation
  • Investment
  • Startups & Investment
  • International Trade & Growth

Ignite programme

One of the standout aspects of Dublin Tech Summit 2023 is Ignite, a satellite programme dedicated to delivering exceptional content to startups, scale-ups, trade agencies and investors.

Over 100 start ups from across the globe with strong potential will attend the event and connect with Ireland’s tech ecosystem.

The Ignite programme is also host to a Pitch Competition in which startups can present their projects to venture capital investors (VCs). Candidates will submit a 90-second video to be assessed by verteran VCs who will pick the most promising entries to enter the final round.

On Day 2 of Dublin Tech Summit, the Ignite stage will close out by hearing from competition finalists. More details can be found on the Dublin Tech Summit website.

Watch the video for Dublin Tech Summit 2022 below:


Highlights of Day 2, Dublin Tech Summit 2022

Highlights of Day 1, Dublin Tech Summit 2022

‘Van Gogh Dublin – An Immersive Journey’ plays host to Ignite X and a Speakers’ Reception as part of Dublin Tech Summit 2022