GeoFindIT app gives users access to Ireland’s most complete address database

By Business & Finance
30 July 2015
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The latest version of GeoDirectory’s GeoFindIT app has seen a major change in both the appearance and functionality.

Developed by Púca, the award-winning Irish app developer, with GeoDirectory’s extensive business location directory at its core, the first edition of the app proved to be extremely popular with the average number of monthly users growing by over 500% between March 2014 and June 2015.

The most exciting development in the totally reimagined app comes in the form of the added augmented reality setting. Unlike anything seen in the Irish market before, this unique function allows users to open the app anytime, anywhere to see real-time overlays of house prices, directions and more.

Users can check out local property prices by strolling down their street with GeoFindIT open on their phone. When the augmented reality setting is open, the app works intuitively, displaying price and direction information for properties in whichever direction the user’s phone is pointing. The app draws data from the Property Price Register to ensure all property prices displayed in the app are as accurate as possible.

The GeoDirectory database is Ireland’s most comprehensive, accurate and complete address database and has assigned all 2.2 million addresses in Ireland a unique reference or fingerprint and a location code accurate to one metre.

By combining this database with the Property Price Register GeoFindIT, gives users a very accessible means to find out about the property prices sold anywhere in Ireland. This data underlies and drives the GeoFindIT App.

With a fully integrated search screen allowing users to search for a business or address using a keyword such as ‘café’ or if you’re looking for the closest supermarket, you can enter the name of the chain you are looking for and your closest store will be located.

A pre-populated app, GeoFindIT has over 195,000 business addresses and covers every corner of the Republic of Ireland, not just major towns and cities. This is the most expansive business and residential property listing in existence in Ireland. The redesigned app isn’t just useful for finding the location of a business, users can also find the contact details including phone numbers.

Speaking about the revised app, Dara Keogh, CEO, GeoDirectory said: “We’re really excited to be able to bring such an innovative app to the market. We’ve completely changed the app since the last version. We’ve added some fantastic features to the new edition, in particular the augmented reality function. It’s something we couldn’t have done a few years ago but which really adds to the user-friendliness of the app and sets GeoFindIT apart.”

Eileen Carroll, Client Services director at Púca, added: “We’re delighted to have been working on the GeoFindIT project – seeing the latest release come to fruition is a real thrill. The Augmented Reality feature in the app really illustrates the power of layering rich geo-data into a real world environment in an accessible format that 70% of the Irish public have in their pockets – the Smartphone.”

The app was designed specifically for iOS and Android smartphones and will also function on iPad and Android tablets. GeoFindIT is available as a free download from the iTunes and Android store.

Photo: JohnPickenPhoto