Government launches Action Plan for Jobs 2016

By Business & Finance
18 January 2016
Enda Kenny
An Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD

The Government today launched Action Plan for Jobs 2016, the fifth in the annual series of jobs plans aimed at building a new, sustainable economy based on enterprise, exports and innovation.

This plan is the first in a new phase of the Action Plan for Jobs process, after the original target of 100,000 extra jobs by 2016 was hit last year.

According to the independent Central Statistics Office, more than 135,000 additional people are at work today compared to when the first Action Plan for Jobs was launched.

As part of this new phase of the Action Plan for Jobs process, 200,000 net additional jobs are targeted by 2020, which would bring the total numbers of people at work to 2.18million

The 2016 plan outlines 304 actions which will be implemented this year by 16 Departments and over 60 Agencies, continuing the genuinely cross-Government approach to the top priority area of job-creation.

An Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD said: “Getting a job and earning an income is the best manifestation of our recovery. Our aim of creating a supporting environment for job creation through the tireless work of the Action Plan for Jobs has resulted in 135,000 new jobs added to the economy since the low point in 2012. As Taoiseach, my goal is to continue with the Action Plan for Jobs in the next Government to help create another 200,000 jobs that will see Ireland return to full employment by 2020. The 2016 Action Plan is another important stepping stone that sets out new actions to help businesses grow and create 50,000 new jobs right across the country next year.”

The Tánaiste Joan Burton TD commented: “Over 1,000 jobs are being created each week, and unemployment is at the lowest it’s been in seven years. We want to keep up this momentum and get more people into secure and well-paid jobs. The Government will continue to stand up for more jobs and opportunities for our people, through the Action Plan for Jobs 2016 and the Pathways to Work strategy in my department. By continuing to provide stable, balanced government we can maintain the progress and meet the targets laid out in this plan.”

Enterprise Ireland CEO Julie Sinnamon added: “The launch of the Action Plan for Jobs 2016 is a very important strategy which sets out a series of targeted actions across a range of industry sectors and Government agencies to support the creation of 50,000 new jobs in 2016.

“Enterprise Ireland’s strategy of supporting Irish business to start, innovate and scale in order to build an indigenous engine of growth for the economy, will help our client companies to create more jobs and support the Action Plan for Job’s objectives to develop a sustainable economy based on enterprise, exports and innovation.”

Photo: Web Summit