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Guest blog: The SME Green Tariff

By Business & Finance
14 May 2021
Electric Ireland

In this guest blog, Electric Ireland introduces the 100% Green Tariff for SME customers in Ireland, part of the Brighter Energy Programme. 

Sustainability. Green Energy. A brighter future for our planet. Never before have these issues been more important to our customers, and to their own customers in turn. Which is why we at Electric Ireland have made a commitment to supporting our SME customers in achieving their sustainability goals, in a way that is effective, affordable, and truly beneficial to all. 

Introducing the 100% Green Tariff for SME customers in Ireland; a part of our Electric Ireland Brighter Energy Programme. It’s a cost-effective plan that underpins existing products and services, which means there’s no complicated set-up, and Electric Ireland customers can make real positive change while still retaining great value.

With over 95,000 business customers, we support businesses of all sizes in their goals to save time and energy. In 2019, we supplied businesses with 2.2 terawatt-hours of Green Energy, the equivalent amount of electricity would power 523,000 homes. And now, with this new tariff, which is available to both new and existing customers, we’ve committed to supply more Green Energy than ever before to our business customers.

Manage your energy usage

The SME Green tariff is supported by a suite of products designed to help business reduce their energy usage which, in turn, reduces their energy bills. SME Premium Insights is one such product, offering the personalised energy efficiency reports SMEs need to save on annual energy costs. SME Premium Insights is free to all Electric Ireland customers through their Business Online account, giving them access to all key account information under one roof. 

Its key features include an end-use breakdown of the operational factors in businesses that have the most impact on bills, and peer-to-peer comparison. This shows how one business’s consumption and costs compare to other similar businesses – giving our customers that all important competitive edge. Combining our Green tariff offering with the free, industry-leading features of SME Premium Insights will help any business take key steps towards being carbon neutral. 

Dermot McArdle – Head of Business Markets, Electric Ireland said:

At Electric Ireland, we ensure that sustainable and green energy is available to everyone. From our largest customers to our smallest SMEs, industrial plants to corner shops. We want to support our entire customer base on their sustainable goals by supplying green energy, along with our energy saving products such as SME Premium Insights. We offer our customers multiple avenues to reducing their energy usage, carbon footprint and energy costs. 

Going Green

When it comes to spending, consumers are giving more consideration to a business’s sustainable credentials than ever before. Shoppers and consumers are actively seeking out brands and products that align with their personal values. More and more brands are committing to sustainable practices and projects – like Electric Ireland’s Brighter Energy Programme – and are looking for ways to showcase their initiatives, big and small. 

At Electric Ireland, we knew it was another area where we could offer support, so we created the Green tariff Welcome Pack. Each customer who signs up for the tariff receives this pack, which includes a Green Energy cert as well as a sticker to display in the business. This means that any business we partner with, of any size or industry, can share their green credentials at key customer touchpoints, boosting visibility and helping to generate the trust and loyalty that we share with our own customers. It’s all part of our commitment to helping every business set and reach their sustainability targets.

We are committed to helping 1.1 million home and business customers to make changes for a brighter energy future. With our new 100% Green Tariff for SME customers, making one of those changes is easier than ever. And with sustainability set to remain the defining issue of our time, and a crucial success factor for every business, we know that this is just the beginning.