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HubSpot announces new Product and Engineering floor amid recruitment increase

By Business & Finance
08 March 2018

HubSpot, the sales and marketing software company, announces a new floor dedicated to its Product and Engineering teams in Dublin.

The company’s growth sees the new floor designed with teamwork and innovation in mind. Sonica Fitout completed the building renovation work and have collaborated with HubSpot since they opened their first Dublin office in 2013. HubSpot’s employees also had a hand in the design input.


The new floor was built to accommodate the growing team of 90 people. Now with space for a team of 160 employees, HubSpot will attract even more talent to its Product and Engineering department, from Ireland and overseas.


HubSpot’s new Customer Hub product is being developed in Dublin and is set for the market later this year. This will appeal to young people looking at innovative marketing software solutions.

The Engineering Director at HubSpot, Barbara McCarthy, commented: “We are so excited to have a custom-built space of this calibre designed by and for the team here in Dublin. We may not be the size of some of the larger tech companies, but our new space compares with the nicest workspaces anywhere in the world. We are so proud of what the team has built together.”


This new floor includes breakout areas, a User Experience (UX) room for product testing, large collab spaces, LED lighting, a spacious living room, functional booths and Dublin Doors photography.

The HubSpot platform is trusted by more than 37,000 customers across the world to power their online presence. In Dublin, the operations is made up of designers, product managers and UX researchers. Small, autonomous teams are key to the rapid progress of the development of the new floor.