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Ireland to host world’s first Bitcoin Finance Conference

By Business & Finance
27 March 2014

Ireland will host a major international conference on Bitcoin and digital money. The Bitcoin Finance 2014 Conference and Expo (Bitfin 2014) takes place in Dublin on July 3rd and 4th at the Royal Dublin Society, with social events planned throughout the city. The event is being organised by Bitcoin Ireland, WhitePeak and Triple Zero Media.

Bitcoin is making headlines every day. A secure peer-to-peer currency that reduces transaction costs is an attractive prospect for anyone who uses money, but what happens when digital money goes mainstream? Bitcoin Finance 2014 gathers international financial, technical, regulatory, political and economic experts to draw a roadmap for Bitcoin’s future.

This two-day event will focus on payments, peer-to-peer digital currencies, and how digital money will shape the future of finance, corporate strategy, and public and economic policies.

“Bitcoin is moving from experiment to legitimate currency and payment system, but that’s just the first act. It’s also a protocol that can transform the way people and corporations track information and assets,” said Fergal Murray, founder of Bitfin. “There are big questions to consider. How will financial institutions adapt to a technology that threatens their dominance? What happens if inflationary and deflationary currencies collide at scale? What does it mean for law enforcement, national security and civil liberties? How can we strike a balance between openness and regulation?”

Speakers will address the issues surrounding decentralised currencies, including opportunities and risks for financial institutions, corporations and citizens.

Bitfin 2014 will also feature a free public expo that will allow everyone to get a first-hand look at the future of payments, Bitcoin and digital money from exhibiting companies, including the latest Bitcoin technology, wallets, mining hardware and related services.