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Ireland’s TraderDock looks to bring futures trading to the general public

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11 June 2018
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TraderDock will financially back you to trade the likes of oil and gold directly from your own home, with a potential 80% profit share on your performance.

What is TraderDock?

The company is an Irish online futures platform where anyone can become a professional trader backed by real-money, fully-funded trading accounts. Traders can trade oil, gold, corn and many other popular products offered by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

How does TraderDock work?

You simply choose your market, choose your trading strategy, trade for at least 15 days, and when you hit the minimum profit target over an unlimited time period, you graduate to a real-money trading account.

TraderDock’s partner, Positive Equity, currently has 45 full-time market professionals; the organisation is a European professional trader and provides the capital backing for TraderDock Graduates.

Positive Equity is Ireland’s largest independent proprietary trading firm with over €10 million in turnover in 2017.

Who’s behind TraderDock?

David Holt, TraderDock, trading, finance, markets

David Holt, TraderDock

An Economics graduate from Trinity College Dublin, Founder/CEO of TraderDock David Holt became irritated by the lack of innovation in the trading industry. He was also a trader with Positive Equity for three years.

He watched people turn to ‘spread-betting’ firms like IG Index to gain on their trading desires.

Spread betting is regulated by the gambling authorities and requires the bettor to put their own money on the line against the spread-betting firm.

This is in contrast to a professional trader using the financial backing of a professional trading firm to speculate on market movements in the hope of earning a profit.

Holt said:

With the trading industry heavily gearing itself towards algo-trading, the number of trading-floor positions is ever diminishing. Becoming a financially-backed professional trader is beyond the reach of most individuals. The attractiveness of trading has been hijacked by spread-betting firms who have, to their credit, harnessed the Internet far better than the futures brokers or trading firms have managed.

He continued: “TraderDock is our way of fighting back against the hegemony of the spread-betting firms. It is a huge opportunity for aspiring traders who believe they have the raw talent to trade for a living.”

TraderDock launched on the 7 June.