“It is crucial to build a good product first” – Q&A with Dr. Biyan Mienert, Speaker at Dublin Tech Summit in June

Dublin Tech Summit, Technology, Thought Leadership | Fri 6 May | Author – Business & Finance
Pictured: Dr. Biyan Mienert, Lecturer for Digitalization Law at the University for Applied Science in Hesse

Dr. Biyan Mienert is Lecturer for Digitalization Law at the University for Applied Science in Hesse. He will be speaking at Dublin Tech Summit on 15 & 16 June, which returns to the RDS in a physical capacity. See all confirmed speakers here

What are some of the new trends in tech? 

The most significant trend in tech right now is the move towards more decentralization and de-platforming. People want more transparency and control over their data, transactions, and assets. Therefore, developments in the blockchain area, such as decentralized finance or Web3 (NFTs), hold significant potential.

How can smaller companies get a foothold in the tech industry? 

For small companies, it is crucial to build a good product first, at least a prototype or a demo, and connect worldwide to partners and investors. When looking for funding, they should look for “smart money” from Investors who can benefit them besides just giving money and looking for ROI.

What are some of the biggest concerns facing the tech community today? 

I think some of the biggest concerns and the moment, especially in my industry, the crypto industry, is regulatory uncertainty. In many countries, there are laws for the crypto sector, but these often use known structures from capital market law, which are not suitable for crypto organizations, which are often decentralized and harm innovation. Of course, the solution is not to try to avoid regulation. Instead, a good balance should be struck that enables innovation and protects users simultaneously, or at least gives them a choice to decide depending on their risk appetite freely.

What key messaging do you want the DTS community to hear? 

Technical developments, especially in the financial sector, should be broadly based on solving real problems and giving transparency and self-control rather than jumping on the next hype to get quick funding.

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