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Launch of CFO 100 Index 2023 in association with Sia Partners

By Business & Finance
28 April 2023
Pictured (L–R): David Cass, Partner; Sia Partners and Sarah Freeman, Managing Editor, Business & Finance

The Business & Finance CFO 100 Index 2023 in association with Sia Partners is set to go live on May 18th at 11am. The publication of the index will be marked by a thought leadership webinar featuring some of Ireland’s leading financial figures. 

In recent times, CFOs have been tasked with reacting to crisis after crisis from the COVID-19 pandemic to the Russian war in Ukraine and cost of living crisis.

Financial leaders were largely responsible for navigating their companies through these uncertain times and supporting an economy that was threatening recession.

It is an honour for Business & Finance to recognise CFOs for their contribution to the Irish business community and acknowledge their astounding efforts in the face of such challenges with the CFO 100 Index in association with Sia Partners.

The CFO 100 Index 2023 will launch on Thursday, 18th of May with a thought leadership webinar in partnership with Sia Partners.

To mark the list’s release, a panel comprising some of Ireland’s most renowned CFOs will discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by the last couple of years as well as how companies can safeguard themselves against future crises.

The CFO 100 launch event will include an interactive discussion on CFOs leading the strategic cost challenge, where panellists will discuss:

  • Challenges and opportunities
  • Futureproofing
  • Strategies and solution

Sarah Freeman, Managing Editor of Business & Finance, will moderate the event. This year’s panellists include David Manifold, CFO, eShopWorld; Gina Laverty, CFO, Viatel Technology Group, and Lawrence Vesey, Partner, UK & Ireland, Sia Partners.

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