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Leading LEAN expert to meet with Irish healthcare leaders

By Business & Finance
07 May 2014

Renowned LEAN expert and business author Michael Ballé, is coming to Ireland on May 26th and 27th to meet with members of Irish healthcare industry.

In partnership with Leading Edge Group, the Irish LEAN consultancy and training company, Ballé will spend two days in Cork coaching healthcare CEOs and senior executives in using LEAN to improve business performances and establish lean cultures.

“A growing number of successful companies are turning to Lean thinking to maintain a competitive edge in a global economy of falling prices, rising quality, and relentless competition,” said Joe Aherne, CEO, Leading Edge Group.

“Having the opportunity to meet and work with Ballé is of real value to the Irish healthcare sector, as LEAN can have a very significant impact on process, performance and bottom line in private and public sector organisations.”

While there are many excellent resources that teach both the tools and principles of LEAN, no one addresses what might be the most important lean discipline of all—the human challenge of creating and sustaining the commitment of the people doing the work. This has been the premise of Ballé’s work, including his number 1 bestseller The Gold Mine.

“There has been real interest in participating in the sessions with “the LEAN machine” from management across hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, where adoption of Lean techniques can have a major impact on overall operational efficiency,” added Aherne.

Ballé’s father, Freddy, started visiting Toyota plants in Japan in the mid-1970s while head of product planning and later manufacturing engineering at Renault, where he worked for 30 years. Upon leaving Renault, he pioneered the full lean system implementation in a number of companies, before setting up in business with his son, Michael Ballé.  They advise CEOs and senior executives on making lean transformations all over the world.

Those interested in attending the LEAN workshops with Ballé, should register online at