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Leinster chartered accountants salary and confidence increase this year

By Business & Finance
29 July 2014

Job confidence is up according to the Chartered Accountants Salary Survey which shows salaries are on the increase amongst members of the Leinster Society.

A new salary survey of chartered accountants published today has found that the average salary of a chartered accountant in the Leinster region increased this year by nearly 2% from €87,500 in 2013 to €89,042 in 2014.

Over 60% of chartered accountants received a salary increase of between 10% and 25% in the last three years, while 43% reported receiving a recent promotion (up from 40% in 2013).  Some 93% of respondents expressed feeling confident or very confident about their current job security.

These and other key findings are contained in the Chartered Accountants Leinster Society Salary Survey 2014. The report finds that average salaries for Chartered Accountants are on the rise at both senior and entry levels of the profession. Pay for more junior positions has increased slightly – the average base salary of a recently qualified (2013) chartered accountant is now €49,784 (€49,580 in 2013) while the average salary package for head of finance has increased from €129,961 in 2013 to €136,318 in 2014.

Other key findings include: 61% of chartered accountants reported a salary rise in this report, up from 48% in the 2013 survey. Chartered accountants who hold a head of finance position in industry had their best year in salary terms in the last six years

The number of chartered accountants whose further education and training opportunities have been sponsored by their employer has risen. This demonstrates the investment made by employers of chartered accountants in the development of their professional finance staff.

Commenting on the findings, Stephen O’Donnell, chairperson of the Chartered Accountants Leinster Society commented: “This year’s results are indicative of the value that Irish businesses are prepared to pay for the skills of our members. It’s clear that the work of our members is recognised for the central role they play in many organisations, where their skills are in high demand. For anyone considering a new career move in finance, the message from this report is that chartered accountancy remains the premium accountancy qualification in Ireland and is an attractive career move for people from a range of disciplines and backgrounds – these results highlight that fact.”