Medical and pharma exports increased in June according to the CSO

By Business & Finance
14 August 2015
Ibec pharma

The CSO’s preliminary figures for June 2015 show that seasonally adjusted exports remained relatively unchanged at €9,095m compared to May 2015.

Seasonally adjusted imports for June decreased by €213m (-4%) to €4,985m leading to an increase of €230m (+6%) in the seasonally adjusted trade surplus to €4,110m in June.

Exports of medical and pharmaceutical products increased in June with the value of exports at €9,646m representing an increase of €1,566m(+19%) when compared with June 2014. The main driver behind the June 2015 increase was the increase in the exports of medical and pharmaceutical products by €590m (+31%) to €2,521m. Exports of machinery and transport equipment increased by €352m (+36%) to €1,334m.

The EU accounted for €5,616m (58%) of total exports in June 2015 of which €1,493m (15%) went to Belgium and €1,215m (13%) to Great Britain. The US was the main non-EU destination accounting for €1,881m (20%) of total exports in June 2015.

The EU accounted for 61% of the value of imports in June 2015, with €1,331m (26%) of total imports coming from Great Britain. The US, with €707m and China €347m were the main non-EU sources of imports.