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October launch announced for Sony PlayStation VR

By Business & Finance
16 March 2016
sonly logo Steve Maw

Sony has announced that PlayStation VR, a virtual reality system incorporating the PlayStation 4 system, will launch from October 2016 in Japan, North America, Europe and Asia.

Currently more than 230 developers and publishers are working on PlayStation (PS) VR – previously known as Project Morpheus – software titles, from smaller independent teams to larger studios at the industry’s publishers such as 2K Games and Ubisoft.

Software titles in development for PS VR from these developers and publishers are now totalling to more than 160 titles, and over 50 of those titles including Eagle Flight (Ubisoft), EVE: Valkyrie (CCP Games), Headmaster (Frame Interactive), Rez Infinite (Enhance Games), Wayward Sky (Uber Entertainment) and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood are expected to launch by the end of this year.

The system also has a cinematic mode, which lets users enjoy a variety of content in a large virtual screen while wearing the headset. Supported content for the cinematic mode includes standard PS4 games and videos, as well as variety of PS4 features including Share Play and Live from PlayStation.

Users will also be able to enjoy 360-degree photos and videos that are captured by devices such as omnidirectional cameras on PS VR via PS4 Media Player, which will let them feel as if they are physically inside the captured scene.

“Ever since we unveiled PS VR during the 2014 Game Developers Conference, we’ve received a tremendous response from gamers and developers alike,” said Andrew House, president and global CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment. “To make sure that we are able to prepare and deliver enough units of PS VR and a wide variety of software titles to consumers worldwide, we have decided to launch PS VR in October 2016. For those who are looking forward to its launch, we would like to thank everyone for their patience and continued support. We are beyond excited to deliver to consumers the amazing experience that PS VR offers.”