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Ones to Watch – Using cloud-based solutions, Eppione helps streamline and enhance HR administration

By Business & Finance
19 February 2021
Pictured: David Kindlon, photography by Paul Sherwood

Business & Finance highlights an up-and-coming start-up making waves in its industry. In this article we look at Eppione, a company that helps growing organisations streamline and enhance their HR administration by empowering employees to easily make changes to their core information and benefit requirements.

What is it?

Bringing HR and Employee Benefits together into one central hub, Eppione is one of the first solutions of its kind on the market. Their cloud-based SaaS solution leverages the latest technology, allowing for a quick and seamless implementation. Originally founded in Dublin in 2016, today the company is present across Ireland, the UK and Australia.

Eppione’s mission is to help growing organisations streamline and enhance their HR administration by empowering employees to easily make changes to their core information and benefit requirements. By providing employees with a highly communicative and more informed workplace, the company aims to help employers attract, retain and engage their best talent.

The Eppione mobile app provides users with 24/7 access from anywhere in the world. Whether in the office, working remotely or travelling, employers and employees can access and manage all essential information through the mobile app.

Who’s behind it?

In 2016, David Kindlon and Neil Fallon – both insurance brokers and employee benefits experts – joined forces with Ernest Legrand, a technology expert and former IBM senior executive, to build one of the first natively integrated HR and employee benefits management systems.

Their main goal was to help businesses take advantage of the latest and most powerful technologies – usually only available to large enterprises. Talent management is one of the most critical challenges companies are facing in the modern business landscape, and Eppione is passionate about providing clients with the best workplace possible to maximise their employee satisfaction and retain their best talents.

The Eppione team. Photographer: Paul Sherwood .

How is it funded?

Initially bootstrapped by the company’s original founders, Eppione has also raised €1.25 million of seed capital through private investors and Enterprise Ireland funding.

Future plans?

Following their success in the Irish and UK markets, Eppione has already started expanding its reach globally. Having identified Australia as the perfect candidate for growth – due to its stable economy, robust business sector and extensive SME presence – they opened an office in Perth, Australia back in 2020.

As part of its next phase of HR management innovation, Eppione has leveraged advanced business intelligence technology to develop human capital data analytics. The overall objective is to improve employer productivity and better assist employees in a flexible work environment anytime, anywhere.

They also have an employee communication feature coming soon to the mobile app, helping employers to communicate with staff instantly.

Other innovations include a self-screening application for COVID-19 symptoms to help employers protect their business and their employees against the risk of coronavirus exposure. Additionally, Eppione is also supporting Irish businesses to reduce the cost of health insurance for their employees, while ensuring they have the right policy in place to meet the unique needs of their workforce.