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Pinergy research reveals 57% of Irish businesses are not actively monitoring energy usage

By Business & Finance
30 May 2018
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New Pinergy research gives details into business and energy usage, future behaviour plans in reducing energy consumption, climate change attitudes and plans people would like to see the government introduce.

The Pinergy Business Energy Monitor

This was conducted by independent research specialist RED C Research and Marketing and is timed alongside the ‘Pinergy Smart Business’, Pinergy‘s plan to give businesses more control over energy usage and costs across all their buildings, offices and factories.

The research showed that over half (57%) of businesses in Ireland are not taking any steps to actively monitor their energy consumption and adjust their usage. A stark finding which shows a major opportunity that Irish businesses are missing out on, even more so with energy costs a big overhead for businesses.

What measures are Irish businesses looking to take?

Good intentions are definitely on the card for Irish businesses, as 90% of companies say they have good intentions to change their behaviour and reduce energy costs within the next 12 months.

Over 75% said they intend to install LED lighting; only 14% plan on installing a smart metre, however; 9% plan on installing solar panels; 8% heat pumps; 6% replacing some of their fleet with electric vehicles and 4% plan to generate wind energy.

Enda Gunnell, CEO of Pinergy, said:

When it comes to climate change, our research indicates nine in ten businesses are quite aware of the impact it could have, but more worryingly, nearly one in three of these companies don’t seem to be very concerned. According to recent reports, missing EU climate change and renewable energy targets will cost the state well in excess of €450 million, so more action needs to be taken. It is likely that this cost will need to be covered by electricity users in the form of an increased PSO levy or a new carbon tax. It is now time for all of us, including businesses, to act.

Summary of the research findings

To summarise everything mentioned here:

  • 57% of businesses do not actively monitor and adjust energy usage
  • 90% of businesses plan to take some sort of action to reduce energy consumption in the next 12 months
  • Nearly one in three businesses are quite aware of climate change but not very concerned about its potential impact
  • 100% consensus among businesses to support some form of positive government action to address climate change