ESG Awards: Proper ESG investment can help futureproof businesses

By Business & Finance
04 January 2023

It was a poor year for ESG investments due to a number of economic and geopolitical factors as “greenwashing” further compounded the issue. However, ESG as an agenda remains vital for environmental and economic sustainability. 

ESG investing suffered as a result of a rise in inflation and the energy crisis which were instigated by the Russian war in Ukraine.

A spike in oil prices also brought into question how beneficial ESG investment was in comparison to traditional resources.

Many firms championing The Green Agenda have been accused of “greenwashing” — the act of using ESG investments to cover up business practices that are socially and environmentally harmful.

This has reduced the credibility of ESG investment.

In the face of these challenges, ESG remains vital because it is a way of future-proofing the economy and our planet.

True and transparent ESG investment can help companies to build sustainable business models where employees are respected and represented fairly.

It also helps companies and investors place their money in reliable and renewable businesses practices and increases revenues.

The Business & Finance ESG Awards celebrates those who are actively striving to address and progress ESG issues in an organisation.

The ESG Awards 

ESG provides a specific set of criteria, namely environmental, social, and governance, that companies can measure, benchmark and report against.

ESG is vitally important because it relates to internal practices and policies that lead to effective decision making and, in turn, facilitates sustainable top-line growth.

Attracting over 100 entries from 80+ companies nationwide, the ESG Awards were established to recognise and celebrate individuals and groups who are actively striving to address environmental, social and governance issues. The Awards showcase the successes of ESG initiatives and examples of best practice, as well as highlighting the importance of transparency.

The Business & Finance ESG Awards held its inaugural ceremony in July 2022.

Norman Crowley, Founder and Group CEO of Cool Planet, received a special recognition award for his outstanding work as an ESG Leader.

He said: “We all have a responsibility to maintain our planet and our goal is to assist companies in doing so. It makes sense that a strong ESG proposition creates value for a company, and that is where Cool Planet enters the conversation; We help companies become more ESG conscious, saving them money at the same time. I believe that companies need to be encouraged and not forced to become more ESG conscious.”

With a variety of categories, the awards will showcase the successes of ESG initiatives, examples of best practice and highlight the importance of transparency in this area.

Why not nominate your company for the ESG Awards now? Entry is free. Deadline for entries is 27th January 2023.


  • ESG Company of the Year (Enterprise & SME) 
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Award
  • Biodiversity Initiative Award
  • Net Zero Carbon Award
  • Energy Efficiency Initiative Award
  • Circular Economy Award
  • ESG Finance Award

  • ESG Investment Award
  • Climate Finance Initiative Award
  • Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Initiative
  • Social Responsibility Project
  • Employee Experience Award
  • Good Governance Award
  • ESG Team Award
  • Future ESG Leader Award

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