“Reducing emissions alone is not enough to meet climate change goals” – Adrian Costigan, Chief Commercial Officer of NEG8 Carbon

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23 May 2023
Pictured: Adrian Costigan, Chief Commercial Officer of NEG8 Carbon, and John Breen, Chief Technology Officer of NEG8 Carbon

Adrian Costigan is Chief Commercial Officer of NEG8 Carbon, a technology developed to combat the harm caused by climate change.

What inspired you to start your company?
The primary motivation of the founders of NEG8 Carbon was to develop a technology which could help alleviate the impact of climate change. We sought research funding with the Science Foundation of Ireland in collaboration with Trinity College Dublin. A few years of intensive research led to the development of NEG8 Carbon (formerly Trinity Green Energies).

What is your core product/service offering and what gap in the market are you trying to address?
NEG8 Carbon extracts carbon dioxide (CO₂) from the atmosphere using Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology to help reverse climate change. The initial phase of our offering will service sectors such as the food and beverage industry that want to replace the CO₂ used in their processing which is currently produced from burning fossil fuels with CO₂ captured from the atmosphere, and instead use renewable energy and waste heat from their own facilities.

The next phase of the company’s evolution will incorporate the permanent removal of CO₂ by integrating its DAC technology with various storage solutions such as sequestering underground or as a permanent additive to construction materials

Is there a particular sustainability related issue that your business is trying to solve?
Reducing emissions alone is not enough to meet climate change goals. Direct air capture (DAC) is the most effective way to remove excess carbon dioxide from the air. Our technology provides a vital solution to help reverse climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

What motivated you to apply to the Accelerate Green programme?
We have just begun to commercialise our technology, so the timing of this year’s Accelerate Green programme was perfect for us. It provides a springboard for our business to attract funding and scale. The programme also offers opportunities to connect with potential customers and investors, as well as providing mentoring expertise and media exposure. Accelerate Green has been incredibly beneficial in helping us define our value proposition in a phased approach to ensure early adoption and to set the business up for scaling. We expect that being part of this accelerator will help us prepare for and attract the funding needed to grow our business, and as a result, facilitate the capture of millions of tonnes of CO₂

How would you describe yourself as a business leader?
As a business leader, I would describe myself as collaborative, adaptive, and driven. I work closely with my team to ensure we achieve our goals and find creative solutions to any challenges that arise. I enjoy the start-up environment where it’s important to be adaptable to changing circumstances and pivot strategy if necessary. I am motivated by a strong desire to succeed and make a positive impact on climate change with Neg8 Carbon’s innovative technology.

What contributes to a winning culture within a business in your view?
A winning culture within a business is built on a strong foundation of shared values and a sense of purpose. Effective leadership is key in inspiring and motivating the team. It is important to have a genuine culture of collaboration and learning, where contributions and successes are recognized and celebrated.

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