AI Tribes

“Regulation is really important now as we look to AI use cases” – Bronagh Riordan, Head of Data & Analytics at Primark

By David Monaghan
29 February 2024
Bronagh Riordan, Head of Data & Analytics at Primark, stands confidently in an office setting with two computer screens displaying data visualizations in the background. She is dressed professionally, symbolizing her leadership in applying AI and data analytics within the retail industry and contributing to Ireland's AI advancements.

Bronagh Riordan is Head of Data & Analytics at Primark. She recently spoke at AI Tribes, a gathering centred around connection and collaboration for the AI, Data, and ML communities, on the subject of AI’s next leap for enterprise + startups.

She is also a member of Ireland’s AI Council, which provides independent expert advice to the government on the new technology. She spoke to Business & Finance at the event about the practical application of AI in retail, her work on the AI Council, and the benefits of an event like AI Tribes.

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Can you tell me a little bit about how AI is being used in retail?

There’s so much opportunity. There’s a real focus on getting foundations right, which I know everyone needs to focus on, but actually making sure your data needs to be right before you can actually do any analysis or AI on top of that as well. 

So, a big focus on data quality, data governance, regulation is really important now as we look to AI use cases. The EU AI act has a lot of focus on compliance regulation, audits, so I think there’s a key focus around retail on that, but I think we see a huge amount of AI applications in retail.

Amazon is a really good example around computer vision. When it comes to organisations like ourselves, there are self checkouts and there’s a lot of opportunities to increase and enhance the customer journey.

Can you tell me a bit about the AI Council and your work on the Council?

The AI Council was formed as a part of Ireland’s national AI strategy for good. The goals and objectives are providing recommendations and insight to the government when they have sort of questions or queries around emerging artificial intelligence. We are also tasked with creating a work plan of advice when it comes to AI policies.

We’re also there not to replace policy development but to augment and support that process as well. And then, lastly, around demystifying and supporting communications on human-centric and ethical AI, and helping share that message around Ireland being a leading country for AI for good, and in a human-centred AI way in terms of use and adoption.

So, what do you think the advantages of an event like AI Tribes are?

I think it’s a wonderful community to network [with], and to meet people in the same industry, understanding what they’re focusing on, sharing information, best practises collaboration, and I think again it’s a really, good opportunity for Ireland to showcase the expertise and experience we have. I think it’s a wonderful community and it brings together SMEs, start ups, indigenous companies, multinationals and research and innovation organisations as well.

To access all the recorded sessions from AI Tribes simply sign up to the Dublin Tech Summit newsletter.


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