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Survey shows many Irish organisations at risk of data loss

By Business & Finance
20 August 2015
Karen O'Connor, Datapac
Karen O’Connor, general manager service delivery, Datapac

ICT solutions and services provider Datapac has published survey results which show that majority of Irish organisations are taking risks storing their data.

The survey was carried out by TechPro among 192 IT professionals in Ireland and looked at how Irish organisations are dealing with emerging data challenges.

The survey revealed that 93% of businesses lose data at some point and 13% never recover any of it.

Worryingly, findings also highlighted that 22% of organisations are storing backed-up data in an unsecure location. This includes storing it on-site, where it is at the same risk as primary data, or in an unsecure off-site location.

Although most businesses have data recovery systems in place, 27% never test these to ensure they are working properly. For those that do carry out testing, many do so just once per year or less.

The research also showed that the amount of data being stored by Irish organisations is increasing dramatically.

Speaking about the research, Karen O’Connor, general manager service delivery, Datapac, said: “Organisations need to ask the question – what happens to my business if it loses mission critical data that can’t be recovered for 24 hours, a week, or is lost permanently. There are financial and reputational implications to consider. Downtime in a business means loss of productivity, customer service and revenue, with additional costs from non-compliance. Customers will lose trust in an organisation that mishandles their data.”