Techfynder, the direct global sourcing solution: An interview with Praveen Madire

By Business & Finance
02 June 2021
Pictured: Praveen Madire, CEO Techfynder

Techfynder is the brainchild of Praveen Madire, founder of independent software testing group Test Triangle. He identified a gap in the market, and joined Enterprise Ireland’s High Potential Start-up programme, got funding to set up the Techfynder dedicated service and was assigned a dedicated advisor. His passion and determination has paid off with the success of Techfynder.

1. It’s been quite the year with the Covid-19 pandemic resulting in a global economic crisis. How has your company fared throughout the upheaval?

Like most businesses it has been a challenging period both economical and developmentally for our company, our clients and our people at Techfynder. But fortunately, our service was launched at the right time and for the right industry with our growth increasing to over 130 countries worldwide. Our startup is part of the continuing growing demand for a subscription economy with the likes of Netflix and Spotify being the leaders in their field. Our expertise is in the HR Technology space and we are one of a handful of promising startup companies that have seen significant growth through the worldwide COVID 19 pandemic. Operationally we launched in January 2020, it has now grown from a direct HR solution service in Ireland to now an impressive worldwide client and talent audience with its unique sourcing platform. I would recommend contacting Enterprise Ireland as they have been a fantastic support.

Our proposition is simple: Although it was not in the marketplace till now, the premise is a direct product for businesses to hire professional talent worldwide for onsite or remote projects. What it is, is a very targeted solution to find top talent with specific skills in any location, but with no commissions for employers and free for professional talent to join.

Due to the demands in cybersecurity, online shopping and financial engineering throughout the pandemic, we have grown our client base from many SMEs to now global accounts in India, Europe, South Africa, North America, with some of the top tech innovators in the business. They are registering on the platform to hire these Subject Matter Experts.

2. How has the tech sector been affected?

From viewing comparative data sets from April 2020 to April 2021, there has been a significant drop in companies hiring across 4 core sectors: Information Technology, Banking, Retail, and Telecoms.

Due to the pandemic patterns of play, the resulting consequences have had business owners restricting their budget on recruits and maintaining existing staff where possible whilst accepting government-led scheme allowances to benefit employers and their employees.

However, with the change in consumerism in late Q3 and through the economic rush of Q4 to spend online before the end of the year, the demand for sourcing professional talent has increased.

The governing bodies played a vital catalytic role in helping refocus and re-energise traditional bricks and mortar industries. By exercising a positive outlook for 2021, this will enable these said industries by starting the chain of commerce by introducing consultancy, incentivising digital reform to transform their services to an upward trajectory.

3. What has been the impact of the tech recruitment market adopting the hybrid model of tech and human?

In February 2021, the increase in hiring contingence skilled people almost tripled compared to the previous 3 months specifically in these areas: Payment Security, Financial Engineering, Digital Infra-structure, Risk Assessment, and finally Cloud Computing. Interestingly these were not all physical deployments with only 35% on-site and remaining working remotely.

We believe the hybrid model of utilising AI Technology with specific account management is the way forward if not already. Currently, we manage over 50 clients using a strategic license where we manage all admin and deployment of their requirements:

We source all candidates on Techfynder and other networks, evaluate job descriptions, evaluate rates per location and place all jobs on our platform. Our clients receive a dedicated manager and 3 senior recruiters and we manage interviewing, pre-screening and run background verification checks. ν

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