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Ted Dwyer presented with Lifetime Achievement Award at Irish Brokers Association’s LPI Awards

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20 March 2015
Ted Dwyer

The founding director of City Life: Wealth Advisors, Ted Dwyer was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Irish Brokers Association’s Life Pension & Investment (LPI) Awards which took place last night in the Mansion House, Dublin.

Over 530 financial services professionals attended the event which aims to recognise the professionalism and expertise of brokers.

A steadfast in the financial advisory landscape in Ireland, Dwyer founded City Life in 1971, and co-founded, City Life Galway in 2011. 44 years after starting out on his business journey, Dwyer’s successful family business has evolved with his son Eamon Dwyer running the business. Under Dwyer’s leadership and guidance, despite the economic crash since 2008, the business has thrived, and with a lot of diligent and careful work the team have steered their way through the recession, maximising the financial situation with clients.

Speaking upon receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award, Dwyer said: “It is a great honour to be the recipient of this industry award. There have been many changes in our industry over my time in it but it is also true that the more things change the more they seem to remain the same. When I started in the business almost 50 years ago my work was about helping young people to save some money to buy a home and then for college fees for their children. The next step was to protect the young couple with life and illness insurance in case they died too early or were unable to continue to work and fulfil their dreams themselves. The final stage was to help them to plan and save for their retirement. So as you can see really nothing much has changed!”

He added:  “I am truly delighted to accept this award and would like to thank the industry and also my colleagues at City Life for their help and support over the years.