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TERMINALFOUR announce €1.4m Investment in its higher education digital engagement platform

By Business & Finance
16 October 2014
Seán Walsh, head of marketing; Elaine Barry, director,  operations & client services; Piero Tintori, CEO and founder, TERMINALFOUR.

TERMINALFOUR has announced the completion of a €1.4m investment in its higher education digital engagement platform.  This is the most significant redevelopment of the software platform in the company’s history and is part of its strategy to corner the English speaking higher education sector; doubling clients to 300 universities and colleges worldwide by 2016. This will represent more than 15,000 university websites.

This investment is the culmination of 18 months of R&D and resulted in TERMINALFOUR developing a game-changing approach to how higher education drives student recruitment, retention, alumni fundraising and research promotion through digital and content strategies. The platform is now available in two editions: TERMINALFOUR Site Manager 8, the core web content management product, and TERMINALFOUR, the full digital engagement and web content management product.

TERMINALFOUR has been providing its web content management system (WCMS) to Government, retail, financial services and higher education clients since 2001.  In early 2013, the company made the strategic decision to focus all its sales, marketing and development activities to meeting the evolving needs of higher education exclusively.

Piero Tintori, CEO and founder, TERMINALFOUR, said: “We’ve more than 140 university and college clients throughout the world, powering more than 8,000 higher education websites.  This is a sector we inherently understand and are passionate about. We realised to become ubiquitous in higher education we’d have to completely immerse ourselves in it and that’s what we’ve done.”

TERMINALFOUR has grown its R&D team by 40% in the past year to deliver a solution that evolves beyond its traditional web content management heritage and offers a comprehensive digital engagement platform for higher education.  In addition to increasing its R&D team, including UX designers and developers, the company has realigned all its marketing and sales activities across its territories to focus on increasing its presence in the higher education community.

“The demands on a university website and its broader online presence have never been greater.  Institutions around the world are becoming fiercely competitive as the battle for students, funding and global attention heats up.  Students are more mobile and discerning than ever before which has underscored that universities and colleges must have a unified, engaging and powerful online presence.  The web is no longer an online brochure it’s a genuine business driver for higher education.

“Our digital engagement and web content management solution is built for and developed with higher education in mind, especially in light of the current turbulence in the sector.  With this €1.4m investment coupled with the associated technical and functional developments, we’ve delivered a product that is exactly what universities and colleges have been waiting for.  They are now empowered to amplify their global marketing and communication efforts by allowing them connect, engage and recruit the millennial generation of potential students in a completely unified way,” Tintori concluded.