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“That is the key that Irish businesses must focus on – a flexible work environment” – Conor McCarthy, CEO and co-founder of Flipdish

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18 August 2022
Pictured: Conor McCarthy, CEO and co-founder of Flipdish

Conor McCarthy is CEO and co-founder of Flipdish. In this guest article, he discusses what will shape and define the new business era, namely hybrid working and digital transformation

The past two years have been challenging for businesses as a result of the COVID pandemic. Nonetheless, there are two things that I believe will shape and define a ‘New Era of Excellence’ as a result of learnings from the pandemic – hybrid working and digital transformation. These are two key takeaways that Irish businesses and Government have to accept, as the way we work has evolved.

At Flipdish, we have instilled a ‘remote first’ policy for our employees which allows them the opportunity to work from home. However, we do encourage in person meetings when it makes most sense such as big project work. We feel being in the office in person brings a certain energy to such meetings but at the same time we remain flexible as in some cases people, for whatever reason, may not be in a position to get to the office.

Conor McCarthy, CEO and co-founder of Flipdish

That is the key that Irish businesses must focus on – a flexible work environment. We have witnessed employees become more productive this way as in some cases, particularly those with young children, it eases some of the burden on them in terms of savings on childcare costs. It also empowers employers as it allows companies to attract and retain top talent by meeting them halfway through a positive work life balance whilst also sustaining company culture and a rapport amongst teams.

Within Flipdish, we are also looking at our own digital transformation as it works hand in hand with a hybrid working model.

However, this will only work if a business truly embraces its digital transformation journey. This is something Flipdish is supporting the hospitality industry in Ireland with as it helps businesses make the transition into the next generation of technological advancements in the sector. As a leader in ‘Digital Consumer Experience in Hospitality’ and through our product suite we believe that hospitality businesses can become more efficient, while also driving up customer loyalty and increasing order value. In 2022 and beyond, this will be a key focus for Flipdish in Ireland and to work with customers across the country to learn, adapt and assist those within the sector who wish to use Flipdish products.

Within Flipdish, we are also looking at our own digital transformation as it works hand in hand with a hybrid working model. The employee experience is not new but, like other elements within a company, it has now changed significantly on the back of the pandemic. Technology plays a significant role in this. As companies clamour and contend for talent, prospective (and current) employees will be looking at what a business can offer them and this could mean culture, physical work space and the technology to get their work done and to collaborate with their colleagues. It is crucial that Irish companies invest in a positive digital strategy and do so now, as they could well be left behind and lose not only customers but employees as well.

If Ireland can get these two factors right, I genuinely believe that we can be a world leader in attracting talent to businesses located right across the country. It can unlock the potential of our towns and villages in parts of the country that may have felt left behind and breathe new life into them instead of seeing young people move away or local businesses close down.

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