UCD recognises David McCourt’s “lifetime in citizen diplomacy”

By Business & Finance
15 December 2022

David McCourt has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Economic Science by University College Dublin. The award recognised his contributions to technology and innovation. It acknowledges his “lifetime in citizen diplomacy” as described by the college.

McCourt is the founder and Chairman of worldwide investors, Granahan McCourt Capital. He is also the Chairman of National Broadband Ireland.

McCourt is the “Economist in Residence” at the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. He was named as the inaugural Executive in Residence for Entrepreneurial Economics and Innovation by Georgetown University.

A lifetime in citizen diplomacy

Over the past 30 years, McCourt has been one of Ireland’s most prominent entrepreneurs. His ventures include the technology, media and telecommunications industries and span 10 countries.

Professor Anthony Brabazon, Dean of UCD College of Business, commented:

“On behalf of UCD, I wish to recognise David’s significant achievements and a lifetime’s work in citizen diplomacy, which stands out across two key areas. Firstly, his work producing timely and pertinent TV and film content to help expose issues and, most importantly, inspiring solutions to overcome those issues.

“Secondly, bringing technology to underserved areas with an unrelenting focus on improving the service while lowering the cost. David has been at the forefront of using connectivity and technology to create jobs and inspire an entrepreneurial mindset with the result being to bring people employment and ultimately, dignity.”

A lifetime of success

McCourt has collaborated with governments, the United Nations and public broadcasting corporations. He has received many accolades during his career.

He has received recognition from the White House and 10 Downing Street as well as from universities and Corporations. McCourt is also an Emmy award-winning TV producer.

He recently published his first book “Total Rethink.” The book is reported to have struck a chord with young entrepreneurs.

“UCD is a globally respected institution and I’ve been honoured to spend time supporting the Smurfit Business School over the years,” said McCourt

“My greatest ambition is to hopefully inspire these young adults who are graduating to head out into the world with a vision to make a difference.”

“If we can all play our small part in contributing to the communities where we do business and bring an entrepreneurial mindset to rethink things that need work, then I believe we’ll be much better for it,” he concluded.