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Vayu Energy signs €1m energy deal with Dublin Port

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02 July 2015
Dublin Port Goes Green with Vayu Energy Deal
Kate Nolan, energy specialist, Vayu and Ciaran Callan, Maintenance and Services Manager, Dublin Port Company pictured at Dublin Port

The agreement will see Vayu supply Ireland’s premier port with gas and 100% green electricity to meet the year-round energy requirements for its operations.

Dublin Port is Ireland’s largest commercial port and a vital part of the national transport and trade infrastructure, providing world-class facilities and services for ships, goods and passengers.

As the county’s second biggest industrial estate, the State-owned company is a substantial consumer of energy across its facilities and operations, which cater for 31 million tonnes of imports and exports and facilitate over 1.76 million tourists through ferry companies operating at the port and visiting cruise vessels.

More effective energy procurement and management is an essential part of Dublin Port Company’s environmental sustainability programme, which aims to achieve a 33% increase in energy performance by 2020 through greater efficiencies while also significantly reducing carbon emissions through the use of cleaner fuels such as natural gas and renewable electricity.

A critical consideration for Dublin Port Company in choosing Vayu as its energy partner was the ability to achieve significant savings in energy costs through direct access to wholesale market prices for both electricity and gas.

Vayu will also provide the company with tailored energy management services to monitor its energy performance and maximise efficiency.

The energy deal will have a substantial impact on Dublin Port Company’s carbon emissions by providing green electricity for its facilities. In the first year alone, the deal will yield a reduction in emissions of approximately 2,823 tonnes of CO2, thereby helping to reduce Dublin Port’s impact on the environment significantly.

Vayu is the only energy company in Ireland to supply all its business customers with electricity 100% attributed to renewable sources according to the last annual fuel mix and CO2 emissions report published by the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER). This means that the carbon footprint of Vayu’s customers is zero in terms of the electricity they consume.

Ciaran Callan, Maintenance and Services Manager, Dublin Port Company, said: “Increased energy performance is a major focus for us across all aspects of our operations at Dublin Port. This requires us to achieve ambitious targets over the coming years in terms of better energy management, more effective energy procurement and greater use of greener energy sources. We’re therefore delighted to be partnering with Vayu and its team of energy specialists, who bring an unmatched expertise and understanding of Ireland’s energy market. This contract was concluded following a competitive tendering process and represents a great deal for both parties.

Kate Nolan, energy specialist at Vayu said: “Ireland’s energy market is undergoing a fundamental change with businesses seeking more effective ways to procure and manage their energy as costs and efficiencies become an even greater consideration. This is changing the way companies across Ireland source their energy, seeking increasing sophisticated management tools that achieve substantial savings by minimising the per-unit cost of energy purchased.”

Nolan noted that environmental considerations are playing a greater role when businesses purchase electricity – across both the public and private sectors. She stated access to renewable electricity is becoming a very important issue as companies look to minimise their carbon footprint and limit the environmental impact of their activities.