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Viatel invests in new infrastructure and services across five European countries

By Business & Finance
08 December 2014

Viatel, the Dublin headquartered pan-European full services telecommunications provider has announced investment in new services and infrastructure across five European countries. These enhancements to the network will be delivered in France (Marseille), Germany (Frankfurt), The Netherlands (Amsterdam), Italy (Milan) and Switzerland (Zurich) and will utilise Viatel’s existing 8,500 km high capacity fibre network infrastructure.

Announcing the investment and the introduction of new services, CEO of Viatel, Colm Piercy said: “In recent months Viatel have embarked upon ambitious growth across the eight European markets in which we operate. This capital investment and the introduction of exciting new services in France, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland greatly enhances the IP capabilities of Viatel. This type of investment is part of a Europe wide strategy for Viatel to become the telecommunications provider of choice for wholesale and enterprise customers seeking pan-European connectivity.”

This investment in capital projects such as Viatel’s fibre infrastructure, cloud services and data connectivity will lead to the provision of enhanced services for new and existing Viatel customers in Ireland, the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. The enhanced services from Viatel include an extension of MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) capabilities into new key markets following the initial deployment in the United Kingdom and France. These MPLS facilities enable Viatel to create bespoke Wide Area Networks (WANs) between sites in multiple locations and countries for individual customers. In addition to these services, IP Transit and Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) will also become available in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Zurich for Viatel customers.

In a significant move, Viatel engineers have built infrastructure to close the network loop from Milan to Marseille. This new piece of network enables Viatel to provide diverse as well as protected wavelength services with speeds of up to 100G out of Milan and Marseille. From a geographical perspective, Marseille is strategically important for communications into and out of Europe from Africa, the Far East and Asia. The new infrastructure will enable Viatel customers to choose from a protected range of routes to all strategic cities across the Viatel footprint including Dublin, London, Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

“These new infrastructural additions to the Viatel pan European network will help to create new commercial opportunities for our company. This is designed to position Viatel at the heart of Europe’s dynamic telecommunications network. We expect in the short to medium term that Viatel will continue to roll out additional services across the eight countries that we operate in, while providing end to end connectivity for the thousands of enterprise and wholesale customers who rely on Viatel’s network throughout Europe to support their mission critical data and applications. As a company, Viatel remain focussed on our growth plans across the eight European countries where we operate, while in tandem being ready to expand into new markets as opportunities arise” concluded Piercy.