VIDEO: Artificial intelligence and digital transformation – Dejan Cusic, Comtrade Digital Services

By Business & Finance
23 March 2017
Dejan Cusic Comtrade

We met up with Dejan Cusic at Dublin Tech Summit, where he talked about artificial intelligence and digital transformation, including chatbots, sustainable transport in smart cities, mobile payments, AI and machine learning.

Dejan Cusic is Business Director, Ireland and UK at Comtrade Digital Services. Throughout his career, Cusic has acquired a combination of technology skills and business acumen and in his current role at Comtrade, he is leading Comtrade’s expansion in the UK and Irish markets.

Over the years, he has helped numerous startups and enterprises successfully undergo the digital transformation cycle and transition to customer-centric organisations. Cusic’s areas of expertise include helping clients with technology due diligence, scaling up/down of their delivery organisations, testing viability of products, integrating product/service offerings, and prototyping.