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Ones to Watch: Chameleon Ad

By Business & Finance
11 November 2016
chameleon ad carlo petito
Carlo Petito, co-founder, Chameleon Ad

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What is it?

Chameleon Ad is a specialist native advertising software company that offers media companies a SaaS platform and ad server to allow them to directly sell, deliver and manage their own native ad formats and campaigns.

The company also helps publishers maximise revenues across all devices and formats and assists advertisers in improving their ROI and engagement levels through video, desktop and mobile native ad formats.

A real-time bidding platform also connects publishers and advertisers within a native advertising exchange and their non-intrusive whitelisted solution enables the bypassing of ad-blockers, helping clients monetise 100% of their traffic.

Chameleon Ad has only been in business one year but has already hit 120 billion impressions via its worldwide campaigns and achieved 50% monthly growth. This success is thanks largely to the native advertising technology which enables companies to overcome adblockers.

Who’s behind it?

The company was founded in September 2015 by Carlo Petito, Roy Bellingan and Ruben Amoruso.

How is it funded?

Chameleon Ad is self-funded and has reinvested profits from its first year

in business.

Future plans?

The company has plans become a household name among advertisers and agencies in Europe and is currently undertaking an aggressive hiring strategy in Europe with a focus on expanding business development in key markets including Ireland, UK, France, Italy and Spain.

Chameleon Ad plans to continue the development of its technology to support customers’ advertising needs in a sector that is constantly changing.

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