Ones to Watch – Gamatech use technology to empower everyone to become technologists

Ones to Watch | Fri 14 Feb | Author – Business & Finance
Picture: Gareth and Jason Edge, founders of Gamatech

Each week Business & Finance highlights an up-and-coming start-up that’s making waves in its industry. This week we look at Gamatech, who are using technology to make technologists of everyone. They will appear at Vision X, a start-up programme, at this year’s at Dublin Tech Summit.

What is it?

Gamatech is a London-based startup on a mission to make technology accessible to everyone. Their vision is to live in a world where everyone can realise their purposeful ideas. The company was inspired by Al Gore’s rousing call to techies at Web Summit in 2017 – to help combat Global Warming with technology. The founders realised they held a key to make technologists of everyone and have been working ever since to break down the technological barriers and help people explore, develop and launch their ideas as digital applications.

Their platform, ThoughtForma, is an intuitive, fun, yet powerful online service which places technology in the hands of everyone – no code or technical skill required. ThoughtForma allows anyone to build digital prototypes and MVP apps which benefit from best-in-class, cloud-based, server-less solutions for robust, scalable and secure applications incorporating data privacy and eliminating the usual infrastructure headaches.

Gamatech pitching at Web Summit 2018

Who’s behind it?

Gamatech was founded by two brothers, Gareth and Jason Edge who, as battle-hardened IT professionals with over 40 years combined experience, know just how hard it is to build applications. They believe that IT should be available to everyone and are horrified by the thought that most great ideas remain locked in people’s heads because most lack the time, know-how or cash to progress these ideas. Since Gamatech was launched, the Edge brothers have been hard at work to build tools to make technology accessible to all and so enable people to materialise their ideas as digital creations that could have major positive impacts for humankind.


How is it funded?

Gamatech has so far been self-funded and has received a small amount of investment from friends and family. The company is now on the lookout for more substantial seed funding to help bring ThoughtForma to market and to scale operations to service the widest possible audience. The sooner they achieve this, the quicker more potential entrepreneurs can use ThoughtForma to realise their purposeful ideas, grow new businesses and, most crucially, solve real world problems.

Future plans?

Gamatech’s immediate future plans are to bring ThoughtForma to market as swiftly as possible. They are working with Beta clients to expedite the development process and to increase traction.

Gamatech are a part of Vision X, a start-up programme, at this year’s at Dublin Tech Summit. For 30% off on regular tickets, use the following code: OnesToWatch.