Ones to Watch: – AI capabilities for talent acquisition

By Business & Finance
08 June 2018, talent, recruitment, artificial intelligence, AI
Mikhail Yurushkin, John Collins, Lena Rogova, Adrian Mihai, Andreea Wade and Roland Adorjani of

In our Ones to Watch section, we highlight some of the top movers and shakers. This week we feature

What is it? is a cognitive talent recommender engine, much like Netflix for films, YouTube or Spotify for music. The company uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enable employers to connect with relevant jobseekers.

The AI-powered, end-to-end solution generates shortlists of suitable candidates for each job, ranks the most relevant talent, predicts salaries and uncovers other essential insights and information.

Who’s behind it?

Andreea Wade, CEO/Co-founder, worked as Head of Product Management in Independent News and Media; mentored start-ups in Dublin, London, Tel Aviv and Berlin; and has previously founded three other companies.

Adrian Mihai, CTO/Co-founder, was heavily involved in the tech advances of such companies as Lufthansa, National Geographic, Magnum Photos, WWF and the Rational Group.

He founded a national multimedia festival called Dracula PC Party, He is also a programming Olympiad, having won first place at the Romanian Programming Olympiad.

How is it funded?

The company was bootstrapped for the first year-and-a-half of its existence and then backed by the NDRC Catalyser. is currently raising a seed round.

Future plans?

The vision is for the business to become synonymous with recruitment AI technologies while helping organisations around the globe make decisions.

This year is about expansion in Europe and the US.

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