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Ones to Watch – Tappable ensures websites are findable, shareable, and linkable on the web

By Business & Finance
28 February 2020
Pictured: The Tappable team

Each week Business & Finance highlights an up-and-coming start-up, making waves in its industry. This week we look at Tappable, a CMS that ensures websites are findable, shareable, and linkable on the web. The team behind Tappable will be appearing at Vision X, a start-up programme, at this year’s at Dublin Tech Summit.

What is it?

Viewable stories are the first true format born on mobile, but are strictly confined to social media by design, and not available on the web. That is precisely the problem that Tappable are solving. Tappable is a CMS that builds websites that look exactly like Instagram Stories, no coding required. As websites, they are findable, shareable, and linkable on the world’s largest platform: the web. Using Tappable, media companies and brands regain control of their content and share it with their audiences in the most engaging and immersive format for mobile: Stories.

Tappable use AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology, which is prioritised by Google in mobile searches (both ranking and screen space). Google has also started populating Discovery with AMP Stories. The team at Tappable manage the entire back-end (rendering, hosting, and delivery), and provide micro level analytics for every event. Tappable is geared around speed (creation and delivery), efficiency (no coding, all back-end), reliability, and scale. They are currently in private beta, and have started working with international media companies, global brands, and leading advertisement, marketing and communication agencies.

Who’s behind it?

Tappable is a family venture. Hans Pauwels (59) is the founder and CEO who has founded both traditional and digital businesses, with a background in general management and sales/marketing. Charles-Axel Pauwels (29) is also a founder and CTO. He was project lead for the Red Bull TV project in Los Angeles before setting up Overview technologies/Tappable. The Red Bull TV app won the Google Play Store award for best TV experience in 2017. He has a BSc degree in industrial design from the TU Delft. Henri-Jérôme Pauwels (28) is the last of the founders, and is also CMO. Before setting up Overview/Tappable, Henri worked in the innovation department of Airbus in Hamburg. He has a BSc of Industrial Design from TU Delft and a Masters in International Design Business from Aalto in Helsinki.

How is it funded?

Tappable have raised €550k in total. The funding comes from 2 early stage angel/pre-seed rounds, one in 2018 and one in January 2020.

Future plans?

The team says, “We have a quite detailed roadmap that we are working under. Currently in private beta in a dev environment, we plan to move to the production environment by April 2020, and open for public beta by July 2020. Our roadmap contains contains additional features to make creating and publishing AMP Stories more efficient, make Tappable a truly collaborative tool and provide instant analytics.”

Tappable are a part of Vision X, a start-up programme, at this year’s at Dublin Tech Summit. For 30% off on regular tickets, use the following code: OnesToWatch.