Ones to Watch: Tines

By Business & Finance
05 April 2019
Pictured: Eoin Hinchey, Founder of Tines

In our Ones to Watch section, we highlight some of the top up and coming businesses in Ireland. This week we feature Tines.

What is it?

Tines is a cyber security start-up based in Ireland. It is a Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) platform that allows information security teams automate repetitive, manual workloads, making them more effective, more efficient and happier. Our scalable, secure and easy-to-use platform doesn’t require any coding skills and can support almost any workflow regardless of complexity or technology integration.

Our customers are some of the most attacked companies in the world, including: Fortune 10’s, global banks and public and private SaaS companies.

Who’s behind it?

Eoin Hinchy, founded Tines in early-2018 having held security leadership positions in various enterprise security teams. Before Tines he was a senior engineer in eBay Inc’s Global Threat Management team and as DocuSign’s senior director of security operations, he led the company’s incident response, security tooling, threat intel, hunting, and detection programs. He has two engineering degrees, a Masters in Security and Forensics from Dublin City University and an MBA from Imperial College London.

Thomas Kinsella is Tines’ COO, and brings a wealth of experience to the team, having spent a decade in tech security roles in large organisations.

How is it funded?

We are 100% employee-owned which is an increasing rarity in this age of venture capital-backed security start-ups. This is by design. We have intentionally avoided outside investment. Being employee-owned and customer-funded, means we get to choose who we work with. We can grow responsibly and stay laser-focused on making each and every customer successful.

Future plans?

We’re fortunate to have a hugely-passionate bunch of early customers who are vocal with their feedback. We’ll continue to use this feedback to iterate and improve the product as quickly as possible. We’ve taken a very different approach to growth than our competitors and rather than spending heavily on sales and marketing, we reinvest in the product. As such, we have some exciting features planned for release later this year.

Tines came about from a passion in cybersecurity. We want to hear about the challenges security teams are facing and the innovative solutions they’re developing to address the changing threat landscape. This is why we’re particularly excited about the 2019 Tech Summit in Cork on May 9th.