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Ones to Watch: CleverBooks

By Business & Finance
26 January 2018
Darya Yegorina, Founder and CEO, CleverBooks

In our Ones to Watch section, we highlight some of the top movers and shakers in Ireland. This week we feature CleverBooks.

What is it?

CleverBooks brings a revolutionary approach towards teaching existing subjects by combining truly innovative augmented reality (AR) technology with traditional techniques to enhance children’s learning and building the future of education: “Augmented Reality in a Classroom: an innovative FREE supporting teaching aid”.

The free innovative AR tool is used as supplementary to the existing primary school curriculum and help educators to individualise class lessons according to children’s capabilities and engage them in learning more independently using the key modalities: seeing, hearing and doing. The method of innovative and immersive learning will strongly benefit children with learning difficulties and have larger influence among the less academically successful students by highly-visual impact of AR that brings boring school subjects to life.

Who’s behind it?

Darya Yegorina is a serial entrepreneur implementing one more idea in life. The idea was born in the family as her husband was using the educative part of the stories he was telling to the kid for upbringing. So why not help other parents with the method that works? And here it comes, the project with personalised tales for kids that educate lots of things we are facing in day-to-day life!

CleverBooks is a team of techies, educators, artists and book lovers. Team believes that the next revolution in education is augmented reality. They have found a FREE yet effective solution to kick-start education revolution and help deliver this technology to as many kids around the world as possible. The company conducted a lot of surveys about topics that can take full advantage of the power of AR. The information with survey results is available on the website.

How is it funded?

CleverBooks is bootstrapping. The CEO strongly believes that if you can’t make money without money, you can’t make money with investment.

Future plans?

The plan in terms of products is to cover the primary school range until the end of 2018 and distribute products globally. First steps are done!

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