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Ones to Watch: Novi

By Business & Finance
22 April 2016
George O’Dowd, founder and managing director, Novi

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What is it?

Novi is a dedicated team of technology experts who bring the personal touch to IT management to ensure that systems are more secure, reliable and perform better.

Technology is a key part of any business strategy and Novi partner with clients to underpin their plans by implementing solutions and delivering end-to-end solutions beyond the typical reactive support contract.

Managed services has traditionally been about infrastructure but Novi like to focus more on productivity by ensuring they cater for each customer on an individualised basis.

Through partnerships with leading IT providers – Fortinet, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard and more – Novi is continually expanding the expertise in-house and bringing new innovative solutions to its customers.

Future plans?

Cyber security monitoring and reporting and disaster recovery is high on the agenda. With the increase in cyber attacks and ransomware threats, Novi is focused on protecting customers’ intellectual property, data and systems by offering cyber security solutions that can identify hidden threats within a network and plan for business continuity in the event of serious system failure such as a fire or flood.

Novi is committed to keeping abreast of the latest business trends and enabling businesses to easily and affordably adapt to new, more efficient ways of doing business. By adapting cloud platforms, the team can implement scalable, integrated mobile solutions making a workforce more productive and a business more customer-centric.

Who’s behind it? 

George O’Dowd is founder and managing director. As MD of Novi O’Dowd is responsible for the daily strategic management of the company, ensuring that the business value of the Novi solution set is maintained to position customers for future growth. He also oversees all aspects of customer engagement to ensure all customers whether new or established receive first-class service.

With an expanded team and new brand, Novi is strategically placed to capitalise on the growing trend in outsourcing IT services. Proactive management of IT systems and infrastructure on an ongoing basis is Novi’s USP.

How is it funded?

Novi is privately funded and since its inception has enjoyed year on year growth and financial stability.

With the quantum leaps in recent years in IT and the emergence of new trends such as cloud integration, converged infrastructure and cyber security, the trend for outsourcing IT has grown. Businesses are realising that skills have become more specialised and finding and retaining the right people has become more difficult and expensive. Outsourcing IT makes sense and Novi is well-positioned with a team of IT experts to help SMBs accelerate their growth through well planned and well supported IT systems.

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