Ones to Watch: TestReach

By Business & Finance
13 April 2018
Louella Morton, Co-founder/Executive Director and Sheena Bailey, Co-founder/CEO, TestReach

In our Ones to Watch section, we highlight some of the top movers and shakers in Ireland. This week we feature TestReach.

What is it?

TestReach, headquartered at NexusUCD, is a cloud-based solution that provides a scalable way to deliver any exam or test on a computer, which removes the administration overhead, logistical headaches and expense of running face-to-face exams. It covers everything from simple tests and surveys through to formal, high-stakes exams with full marking and moderation functionality available. TestReach is used by professional membership bodies, educational institutes and corporations who are running certification programmes or who wish to measure the impact of any training courses they run.

TestReach supports the whole assessment lifecycle, from exam authoring and test delivery through to comprehensive marking and results issuing, and includes the option of delivering exams using remote invigilation. This is a new concept, where an exam candidate can sit their exam at their home or office while being monitored over the web by a trained TestReach supervisor, who uses audio, video and remote screen share to maintain the integrity of the test and ensure there is no cheating. It’s radically changing the way exams are run and provides a huge degree of flexibility to both candidates and examiners.

As a SaaS solution, TestReach is easy to use, quick to roll out, cost effective for any number of exams and offers the flexibility to meet a variety of assessment needs all within one single application.

Who’s behind it?

The company was co-founded by Sheena Bailey and Louella Morton, both of whom have a well-proven track record in enterprise software. Sheena has a wealth of experience managing global teams to deliver cutting-edge software and Louella brings significant expertise in commercialising educational technology solutions.

How is it funded?

The company’s backers include Enterprise Ireland and a number of private investors.

Future plans?

As the global demand for qualifications is at an all-time high, providing a completely flexible solution for running formal exams, which doesn’t require the management of test centres, exam papers and supervisors, offers huge benefits to many organisations. As such, TestReach is experiencing rapid growth and is delivering tests in all four corners of the globe. The company is set to expand significantly over the coming year and may accelerate that growth through a number of different funding options.

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