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“Connectivity is the lifeblood of businesses today.” Mark Kellett, Group CEO, Magnet Networks

By Business & Finance
19 March 2019
connectivity, Mark Kellett

We speak to Group CEO of Magnet Networks, Mark Kellett, about the importance of global connectivity for businesses.

Global Deployment as a Service (GDaaS) is a unique concept defined by Magnet Networks as the coming together of connectivity, project management and professional services. Here, Mark Kellett elaborates further on the concept and how Magnet Networks is supporting their clients globally.


Intelligent cities for the future – and now

Additionally, Magnet Networks has been at the forefront of smart cities – or as they define them, intelligent cities. A city is made up of smart connected buildings which supports the construction industry, operators and tenants in these buildings. As Mark says,
“Without a smart building you don’t have a smart city.”
Magnet Networks has an expertise in smart network technology – from bluetooth to wireless, and apply this expertise to integrate the devices as well as the analytics to leverage the benefit of all those devices.

Magnet Networks are a leading B2B Telecommunications, Data Connectivity and Security Services provider, with headquarters in Ireland and offices around the world creating solutions for thousands of business, enterprise and residential clients globally.