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Millionaire Mind Intensive: “Change your life this year”

By Business & Finance
22 November 2017
robbert eric aalder mmi
Robbert-Eric Aalders, Assistant Trainer, Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI)

Robbert-Eric Aalders, Assistant Trainer at Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI), recently spoke to Business & Finance on the event that could change your life.


We hear a lot about ‘financial security’ these days and relieving yourself of the pressures of life. Many are stuck in a rut and find the stress of work, family life and social gatherings as a strain on their lives financially and how they live generally.

An event coming to Dublin next month could be the answer for a lot of people looking to obtain ‘financial freedom’. The Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI) will take place on December 1-3 at the Citywest Hotel.

The three-day programme looks to ‘rewire’ people’s minds, or, as the mind is known here, ‘toolbox’, “for a better and more successful financial future”, Robbert-Eric Aalders of MMI states.

The main speaker, T. Harv Eker, is a Canadian motivational speaker who has helped over a million people reach financial freedom through his guest speaking, books and coaching.

“It’s not only about the motivation, it’s about the support, it’s about the help”, says Robbert. “I’m talking about the Monday morning after – what will happen to you? And then you will have to persevere, and then you will have to put things into practice. We all have the same theory, we all have the same basic things, but what’s the difference? Massive action! Put it into practice, be willing to make mistakes, be honest and just go for it. I did, and it worked.”

The Millionaire Mind Intensive event takes place from Friday, December 1 to Sunday, December 3 at the Citywest Hotel and is organised by Success Resources, a global provider of educational resources, seminars and workshops.