Rebooting Ireland

Rebooting Ireland: Davy Group secures Guaranteed Irish mark

By Business & Finance
04 June 2020

3% of consumers see the Guaranteed Irish mark as a way of helping the local economy through Covid-19

83% of Irish consumers believe that they can help the local economy by buying Guaranteed Irish brands, according to new research conducted by Red C. Additionally, 63% of consumers surveyed declared a preference to buy Guaranteed Irish brands from Irish business/retailers when shopping during Covid-19.

This new research shows the value that consumers place on businesses who display our mark and of its importance in consumer purchasing decisions.

The research comes at a time when a large number of Irish businesses are facing unprecedented challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and buying Irish is seen by consumers as a tangible way of supporting trusted local businesses.

Davy is a recent recipient of the Guaranteed Irish mark. Their entry into the Guaranteed Irish group will add to the business membership organisation’s ability to support the Irish economy, as Davy will work with GI to share relevant insights on economic analysis and financial market indicators.

Commenting, Pat Cooney, Group Head of Private Clients at Davy said, ‘The research is compelling. Irish consumers value and actively support trusted Irish brands and like us they view Guaranteed Irish as a badge of distinction and pride.’

Guaranteed Irish has 1,200 business members that employ over 90,000 people with an annual Irish turnover of €11.2bn, as well as a global turnover of €29.7 bn. The research was conducted by Red C on a nationwide sample of 1,019 Irish consumers in the period between January 2020 and March 2020.