‘Rebooting Ireland’ – New Virtual Summit & Engagement Platform Launches to Map Ireland’s Business Recovery in a Changed World

Rebooting Ireland, The Business Show | Fri 8 May | Author – Business & Finance

Rebooting Ireland

New Virtual Summit & Engagement Platform Launches to Map Ireland’s Business Recovery in A Changed World

The Business Show has launched in Ireland with the theme of ‘Rebooting Ireland’ at the heart of its message. The Business Show will be a series of engagements across digital platforms culminating in Ireland’s largest virtual summit. Launched by the Business & Finance Media Group, the Business Show will centre on the theme of Rebooting Ireland and bring together leaders from business, politics and community in Ireland. 

Given the enormous paradigm shift brought about by COVID-19, the Business Show aims to initiate solution-based discussions through engaging and convening the business community on the questions of resilience, the future of work and business in a ‘new normal’.

Across a series of monthly webinars, podcasts, and a 1 day virtual event, The Business Show will offer stories of resilience through turbulent times, shape strategies for success in the future and provide a global platform for businesses and leaders to share their story on the next steps for growth in the post covid era. The Business Show, Ireland’s largest virtual summit, will take place on 10th September, with all discussions to be led by International thought-leaders.

The Business Show’s series of events begins with a webinar entitled, In the Eye of The Storm: Ensuring Business Resilience to move from Surviving to Thriving. Speaking on its launch, Ian Hyland said ‘the series is aimed at creating a sustained and consistent trajectory of engagement between leading organisations, their leadership and the Irish business community.’ 

The DNA of the Irish Business Community is one of perseverance and success in the face of adversity. As we look to a world post COVID-19, we believe it is critical to bring leaders from across the spectrum together to discuss exactly what this future looks like. 

Building on the Rebooting Ireland Theme, other discussion topics leading up to the virtual summit will include ‘Going for Growth: How to Unlock Hidden Potential in your Business Through Innovation & Diversification’ and ‘Future Focused: How a Proactive Approach to Financial Planning & Funding can Ensure Sustainable Growth & Progress in Your Business’.

The virtual summit will see business, political and social leaders gather on an exclusive online platform to engage with themes of Resilience, Strategic Growth, Innovation & Diversification, Digital Transformation, The Future of Work, Financial Planning & Funding, Human Resource Management & Upskilling, Business Process Optimisation, Business Continuity, International Expansion and Sustainability.

The Business Show aims to offer over 3,000 domestic and International attendees the opportunity to engage with 50 speakers on all digital platforms via two virtual stages and a virtual exhibition hall. It will showcase the experiences and insights of decision makers, government representatives, policy makers and International speakers from sectors including Finance & Banking, Professional Services, Technology, Manufacturing, Retail, Food & Drink, Energy, Transport & Aviation, Pharmaceutical, Construction & Infrastructure, Public Sector and Tourism.

To find out more about the Rebooting Ireland Series and The Business Show, please see here.