Smartzone announces partnership with Aviva and creation of 90 jobs over next 12 months

Business, Economy, Technology | Tue 31 Jul | Author – Business & Finance
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Smartzone Founder and CEO Justin Mc Inerney and Chief Product Officer Ken O’Shea.

Cork company Smartzone, partners with Aviva to offer Aviva Smart Home solution

Following its launch at the end of 2015, Smartzone, originally specialising in smart home heating controls, has invested heavily in R&D and strategic partnerships to offer home and business owners the most up-to-date smart solutions for their premises. From connecting home-owners with their heating and hot water no matter where they were from any smart device, Smartzone now provides home security also, following a partnership with cloud-based security company to provide Smart Home as a Service software (ShaaS). Homeowners can control their home through an app which will help to keep homes safer, smarter and more efficient.

Partnership with Aviva led to creation of 90 jobs

One of Ireland’s largest insurance providers, Aviva, has signed a deal with Smartzone, to offer their customers the new Aviva Smart Home solution. As a result of this, Smartzone has announced the creation of 90 jobs over the next 12 months.

“Joining forces with Aviva is a huge deal for us and has fast tracked our growth, with an ambitious target set of 10,000 Aviva Smart Home systems rolled out nationwide in year one” said Justin Mc Inerney, Smartzone Founder and CEO. He continued:

The development of the Smartzone business model and offering does not just benefit the end user; the home or business owner, it also has a knock-on effect on the employment sector. As a result of the success and popularity among the Irish public for their smart home solutions, and newly signed Aviva deal, Smartzone have announced the creation of 90 new jobs.

Smartzone smart home security

Via the app, and the associated smart tech devices installed throughout the house, users can:

  • See a visitor as they approach their home via a smart doorbell which has both video and audio functionality
  • Open and close your front door from your smart device
  • Manage appliances with ease via Smart Plugs and Smart Switches
  • Manage your hot water and heating, both upstairs and downstairs independently with the simple touch of a button from any smart device

Utilising next generation technology, Smartzone offers crash and smash protection with dual path communication, which uses patented technology to ensure your security system will work even if the alarm panel is smashed by the intruder. The system offers advanced three zone heating controls that can be managed and controlled from your phone. You can create customised schedules so that your home performs based on your family’s requirements, and geo-fencing alerts will notify you as you leave your home if something is left on which shouldn’t be.