UCD professor appointed to EU’s Technical Expert Group in creating a sustainable financial future

By Business & Finance
15 June 2018
Professor Andreas Hoepner, UCD, finance
Professor Andreas Hoepner (Photo: Sustainable Nation Ireland)

Business & Finance highlights notable new appointments at the European Union’s Technical Expert Group and J.W. O’Donovan Solicitors.

Professor Andreas Hoepner
Technical Expert Group

Professor Andreas Hoepner, UCD, finance

Andreas Hoepner (Photo:
Sustainable Nation Ireland)

Professor Andreas Hoepner, who holds a chair in Operational Risk, Banking & Finance at UCD’s Smurfit Graduate Business School, has been appointed to the Technical Expert Group. This group looks to make the European Union financial system more sustainable.

Professor Hoepner is an expert on sustainable finance and joined UCD last year.

Commenting on his appointment, Professor Hoepner said:

I am very much looking forward to working within the European Union’s Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance announced earlier today. Elected as an independent member, I wholeheartedly identify with the group’s ambition to place environmental, social and governance considerations at the heart of the financial system, in doing so underpinning Europe’s competitiveness into the future.

He continued: “With my appointment focused on the task of developing low-carbon benchmarks, I look forward to sharing my experiences wherever possible with my students in UCD Smurfit’s MSc in Renewable Energy and Environmental Finance.”

The EU is pushing the Technical Expert Group to meet requirements and is dedicated in hitting targets. This is highlighted by the group expecting to meet up to 15 times until June 2019.

Professor Hoepner is also a member of Sustainable Nation Ireland’s Green Finance public-private committee, which advises and guides on topics related to the government’s IFS 2020 Strategy. Under this strategy, Sustainable Nation Ireland has a mandate to further position and promote Ireland as a green and sustainable finance hub. Professor Hoepner also serves as Academic Chair of Sustainable Nation Ireland.

John Fuller, Partner
J.W. O’Donovan Solicitors


John Fuller, J.W. O’Donovan Solicitors

John Fuller has been appointed Partner at J.W. O’Donovan Solicitors based in Cork; he specialises in corporate and commercial law.

He recently stated that the activity level in mergers and acquisitions in Cork is at its highest since the recession and that the recovery in the local economy reflects the demand for services across all departments of the firm.

He commented on his appointment by saying:

I have been part of the J.W. O’Donovan team for almost seven years now and I have really enjoyed my time here, which has brought challenges, successes and a wealth of learning. I am grateful to my colleagues for what they have taught me in this time and I hope I have been able to return the favour with the help I have provided to them over the years. I am looking forward to my future at the practice as Partner, which I’m sure will be as rewarding as my tenure to date.

Jerome O’Sullivan, Managing Partner at J.W. O’Donovan, spoke of the appointment:

We are delighted to be able to show John our appreciation and gratitude for all his hard work over the years. He is an integral part of our team and this Partnership was well-earned and very much deserved.

He continued: We are committed to investing in talent and to growing our business in line with the demand from clients for our specialist skills in areas such as corporate and commercial law.

J.W. O’Donovan Solicitors was established 1931 and operates throughout the country offering expert advice in a number of fields such as corporate finance and commercial law, taxation, property and more.