Walsh Whiskey separate from Illva Saronno

Business, Irish News | Fri 25 Jan | Author – Business & Finance

Disagreement between companies on how to develop the business leads to split with immediate effect and without redundancies

The Directors of Walsh Whiskey Distillery have decided to split the business by separating out the existing drinks brands business, built on the Writers’ Tears and The Irishman premium and super-premium Irish whiskeys, from the distillery business at Royal Oak,  Co. Carlow.

Walsh Whiskey was formed in 1999 by Bernard and Rosemary Walsh and in 2014 build, in partnership with Illva Saronno, the first new whiskey distillery in Carlow and the South-East of Ireland in 200 and 100 years respectively.

Writers’ Tears and Irishman brands to remain with Irish directors

The split will result in the Irish directors taking full control of the existing drinks brands business built on the Writers’ Tears and The Irishman brands, sold in 50 countries worldwide. The business will continue to trade under the name Walsh Whiskey.

Illva Saronno will take full ownership of the distillery, which is renamed “Royal Oak Distillery” and will produce three styles of whiskey there.