A picture is worth a thousand words

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Marketing with photography

Paul Teahan discusses the importance of photography to smarketing and promoting your business.

In my last article I discussed particular smarketing elements that are important to all businesses; however one component that needs to be discussed individually is photography. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and now more than ever, due to the power of visual communication having soared with the rise of digital and social media, high-quality imagery is vital to the promotion of business.

The images that you use for publicity make a strong statement about the quality of your business. On your website, in the press and on social media, most people use your photographs to formulate their image of your business and so it is important to remember that professional photography is an investment.

There is a direct link between using high-quality images across your marketing and the growth of sales. Not only can quality imagery increase sales and overall perception of the value of your company’s goods or services, but it has been proven that low quality images can actually have the reverse effect, damaging potential customers’ opinions of your business and turning them away.

So where, how and what is photography used for? Photography is successfully used in campaigns, advertising, branding, on a company website, social media and much more.

Online presence

If you have an ecommerce site or website that shows products in stock in your store, high-quality images accompanying product information will let customers know exactly what they are getting and in return will be more likely to make a purchase. Even if your website is just a shop front for your business, it is important to use strong visuals to ensure visitors stay on your site for as long as possible to find out more about your company.

Social media is also a huge element to online presence now. Social media users are more likely to engage with brands if they post pictures, more than any other means of connection, such as links or status updates. With social media playing such an impact in everyday life, it’s imperative that companies approach their online strategy as they would any other part of the business.

Increased company presence

With most creative campaigns, high-quality and creative visuals deliver an immediate and intense impact on a consumer, leaving a lasting impression and positive memory of your brand. Therefore investing in an effective visual marketing campaign will lead not only to greater sales, but should also increase the overall presence and perception of your business, resulting in greater long-term growth.


A key factor which is generally overlooked is visually documenting company events. A photographer should always be hired to take photos of the occasion, which can then be used for future press releases, websites, brochures, or any promotional material. These images should showcase what your business does beyond your products or service.

When appropriate, images ought to be used alongside press releases, as they allow journalists to visualize aspects of your business whether it be the product, the premises or even yourself. As well as press releases, promotional items such as flyers and handouts are much more likely to be read and not binned if they contain eye catching imagery.

Personal appearance

It can also be beneficial to have a strong, professional photograph of the owner of the company and/or their staff so potential customers can see the faces behind the business, making it more personal.  People are more likely to do business with people they know and trust which is why it’s important to show who is involved in the company.


Using high-quality, eye catching visuals on packaging is extremely effective. Do some research, look at what other manufacturers and companies in your industry are doing, and think of methods to use your images in a similar or new and interesting way.

Create a catalogue

Creating a catalogue which includes strong images is particularly important for companies that incorporate a wholesale side to their business. Products need to be clear and as similar to the real product as possible so customers have a good idea of what they are buying from you.

Take the simple step today by investing in professional quality images. Purchase some stock photos with a positive message to get you started, or more effectively, hire a local photographer who can highlight your business in the best way possible. Our company, thebestof.ie, can put you in touch with a recommended photographer in your local area if you’re not sure who to assign to do the job.

After a first wonderful impression, potential customers will be more intrigued to know your story, browse your products and use your company for their needs. You spend your precious time and money on your business so now it’s time to show it.

Paul TeahanPaul Teahan is the master franchisor for Thebestof Ireland.

TheBestOf is an outsourced local marketing franchise that has championed businesses across the UK, for more than 10 years, to help establish their presence in their local areas.